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    The unusual life of a peculiar ‘Baba’ (Part-I)

    "What! You have come to hear my story. MY STORY! What is there to know about me?"

    "Baba, people tell that you are a great Sadhu. You have certain power. You can do miracles. Please Baba, tell me about yourself. I don't want anything."

    "Get out, get out. These #$&% (some expletives) have made my life hell. I am facing so many problems. They are aggravating my problems. Get out. I don't have any power. Go to any real Sadhu. I am not a Baba."

    "Baba, I won't leave before you tell me about yourself. I don't want anything else."

    "You are an obstinate idiot. Okay, let me start."


    I did not study much. Somehow I passed the School Final Examination and joined the Excise ('Abgari') Department. Oh! So much enjoyment. So much fun! Every day, we used to enjoy life. You call it 'sin', we called it enjoyment in the office.

    Oh! Those days. Life was really colourful. There was no dearth of anything in my life. I didn't marry. Which idiot does when you get everything in life so easily? I became very efficient in everything, got promotions after promotion, and by fifty-five, I became a senior inspector of the department.

    I also managed to save my salary throughout my service life. The amount had become quite good. I knew that I would be able to manage this lifestyle even after retirement. My life would remain smooth.

    Then that day came. Only three months were left before my retirement. It was raining heavily. I returned from a raid. I managed to get two bottles of good quality liquor from the raid. Got some 'seekh-kabab' and 'qorma' from a shop.

    Returning to my residence, I changed. I locked the door from inside, kept my revolver on the table (it had become my habit) and started drinking and dining. I was all alone. It was still raining.

    Then it happened! Suddenly the door opened. The rain continued unabated. The Sanyasi entered my room.

    He was really awe-inspiring in the robe of the Sanyasi. He was almost seven feet tall. His eyes were burning. He was holding a 'Trishool' and a 'Kamandal'.

    I was afraid and a little bit drunk, but did not lose my common sense. Was this Sanyasi sent by one of my innumerable enemies? Maybe. I got hold of my revolver and aimed at the Sanyasi.

    (……To be continued at Part-II)
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    Quite an interesting Baba story from you. Your story made me curious to read your part II thread. You kept us hanging.
    No life without Sun

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    A very interesting story of a Baba from the Author. The story is narrated very well so far and the story is stopped in a place where a lot of suspense has arisen. We have to keep waiting for the next part. When it will be released?
    always confident

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    Interesting story. Hope baba didn't curse this income tax officer which seems by reading this story.

    It happens when we get lots of money apart from our salary we don't care for anyone and become egoistic as everything looks inferior in front of us. This is the story of most of the corrupted officers.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    The author well known for his historic insights and suspenseful story plots in ISC circles has given today the first part of a story which will be supplemented by the second part in a couple of days only leaving us to conjecture about that time being.

    It is not clear who is the Sadhu who has suddenly appeared in the scene and aggressively coming towards the narrator in the story.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A very good narration which kept all of us curious about the second part. It's hard to imagine how the door opened when it's looked from inside. This Sanyasi could be his dream or is it some kind of raid in disguise? It's just my guess and waiting eagerly for the second part to know more.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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