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    A target missed but another target achieved!

    Few weeks ago, I posted a thread -Mission 1000 may not be a big deal in six weeks! giving an indication that my target is to score 1000 points during the time of bed rest. But it was very difficult to run the show and I was not convinced to myself to post replies to Forum threads as a matter of routine to reach my target. I decided to post some articles and started writing some notes on selective topics in a diary, whatever thought came into my mind was scribbled in it.

    When I posted my first article after a long gap on 1st Dec.,, and which was also my 89th article in ISC, it was like a batsman at the crease, who was trying to regain his form and struggling for runs. I was not fully satisfied of the finished product but the start helped for the flow and yesterday I could post the 12th article during this month. When I glanced at the bottom of the Article, it showed -'Follow the 100 articles by the author'. Then I realised that this article -'Flying with Grandpa - A book reveiw' was my 100th article and I scored a century at last in Resources section. A target missed but another target achieved!

    By the way, happy to inform you that I am in a position to move here and there and back to normal.
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    Great that you have regained your mobility and scored a great century. Many more centuries await you, but please do not lose the mobility. Praying to the Almighty for your healthy life.
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    It is very nice to know that you have completed a century in the articles section. Really it is a great achievement and my sincere congratulations to you for your achievement. Scoring points for a person is not very difficult for a person like you. But real achievement lies in scoring through writing quality articles and you are very well known for writing good articles. I am happy that you are back to normal. I wish you will complete the other target also quickly by contributing more articles in the coming days. All the best to you.
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    Nice to know that. It's a great achievement as completing 100 articles needs lots of hard work and creativity unlike forums where you don't need that much creativity, you just have to respond on the given topic.

    I have been on this since last 4 months and I have kept a target to get platinum shield till the end of 2019 and I am determined to achieve it. I know only participating in the forum section won't be able to achieve this target I need to be more active in the article section also.


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    We all remember when you posted that forum post about your inability to move and then concentrate in gaining points in ISC.

    That was a target chosen by you to use your extra time in hand and now you are informing us that in the shadow of that effort you gained something more commendable.

    It is really a great honour for any author to reach the first century of his articles in ISC. I can understand it better as I am hanging around only a number of 20 articles in last 2 active years.

    Anyway, I congratulate you on this achievement and also appreciate your sincerety to close the dialogue so interestingly and creatively, which was started in the earlier thread by you.

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    Great, Jagdish! More than the achievement, it is the contentment that caught my attention. You set one target but achieve another feat. A hundred articles is, according to me, a great job. And the way you came over the writer's block is quite inspiring.
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    Well done, Jagdish, in achieving the feat! Happy to know, too, that you are back on your feet. Wishing you all the best to achieve all your targets in 2019.
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    Nice to see you completing a century of articles. Recently, I too have picked up on writing articles, but I am way behind you. All the more happy to learn that you have recovered from the fracture you suffered in your right foot. Now that you have already put your best foot forward (writing articles), continue with that. All the best.
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