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    Do you think there are logical flaws in following religious faiths?

    1) As we take a dip in Ganga or Godavari river (Pushkar) to remove our sins, the same water we will bring it to our homes.

    2) As Lord Ganesha's vehicle is a rat as we see in Lord Ganesha temple, we worship that rat. But when we find a rat in the house we kill them or trap and throw them.

    Do you think there are logical flaws existing in a religious faith?

    Note: It is not related to or criticizing any particularl religion.
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    We can't go by logic for faiths. We will have many faiths in religion. We can't think the logic for all the actions. The reasons for the points mentioned in the religion may not be known to us. We worship snake as Subrahmanya Swamy. But when we see a real snake we will try to kill it. We can't leave it or we can't worship it when it is alive. Like this, there may be many examples.
    We are all human beings only. Even Prime Minister is also a human being. But PM will be treated specially as long as he is in that position. Like that only the particular rat which is being used by Ganesha as his vehicle will be worshipped by all but not all rats.

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    Religion is a matter of faith and belief. Questions are not to be asked about the religious practices and rules.

    Logical and rational people do not believe in the religious rituals. They very well know that these were formulated by some intelligent religious leaders to get a good following from the common and gullible masses.

    Many religious things are contradictory in themselves and create confusions in the mind of intelligent people.

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    No doubt we have lots of flaws in our religious beliefs. Rats being rodents so are not allowed to enter the homes. I dont find there is nothing wrong with this. I have seen people who still dont trap rats and dont throw them out of the house because of Lord Ganesha's vehicle.

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