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    How have you planned to celebrate the New Year Day?

    Just a day and a couple of hours left to enter into the New Year 2019.

    What are your plans? How have you planned to celebrate the New Year Day by kicking out the Old Year 2018.

    I know that the married will celebrate the day at home with their family and children, while the bachelors would try to celebrate it with their BFs and GFs. Many may prefer to go to the pubs. Some may visit a temple/church/mosque and offer prayers. The olds will be confined to their home to rewind their past glorious new year days.

    By this time, you all might have planned for the celebration. May we know each other's intention as to how they have planned to celebrate the New Year Day?
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    I have no habit of celebrating new year day on 31st night. That day will be like any other day for me. We will go to bed as usual at 10.30 PM. In the 1990s I used to watch special programmes on Telugu TV channels up to 12 Midnight and then I used to go to bed, But these days the TV programmes are not interesting and we need not waste our sleep for watching these programmes. So I will sleep as usual. My other family members also will not have special programmes on that day. They will also go to bed s usual at around 10.30PM. I request the author to let us know about it plans for the new year eve.
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    I generally prefer to go to bed by 11 and also avoid going out in the hue and cry of traffic.

    So for me new year is most of the times in the house itself and this time is also not going to be an exception.

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    I don't celebrate the new year. I don't go out anywhere in the new year. Last year I went to ISKCON Temple and I repent on my decision because of the crowd there on the 1st Jan. We had to wait for half an hour to enter the temple and queue was moving very slowly. It's better to stay at home instead of getting stuck in the traffic jam.

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    I do not have a special plan this time. In a few occasions earlier, I celebrated the New Year with my friends but this time it will be like any other day. I never plan to go out during the New Year because of the huge crowd and if there is any celebration it is always at home. Celebrations are a part of our lives and we celebrate on different occasions to make it memorable. Usually, people celebrate the new year because they wish everything should go smoothly just like the beginning of the year.

    After all, everybody is aware of the proverb "Morning shows the day" and people think when they are enjoying on the very first day of the year, they would be able to enjoy all the other days of the year. So, remember this in mind and start celebrations.


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    I don't have any special plan for celebrating the New Year. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of celebration when the mercury is continuously going down in Delhi. However, this year, I am going to my in-laws' place and stay there at night. Tomorrow morning, I have to attend office from my in-laws' place.
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