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    Will you particpate in the Quiz?

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    I have a plan to conduct a Quiz on Mahabharatha on 31st December/1st January 2019. It will be quite interesting. Will you like it and participate? The quiz answers (About 10)to be posted to my e-mail ID. The fast and first right answers will be rewarded with ISC's virtual gifts. Are you ready? Can I go ahead with my preparations for the Quiz?
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    I am ready to participate in this quiz. I have some knowledge about Mahabharata. I will also have a chance to know, how good is my knowledge about this epic. You can go ahead.
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    Go ahead I will participate in the quiz. Let me check my knowledge about Mahabharata. I have seen all the episodes of the same in childhood but let's see how much of it I remember.

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    It depends on the time when the quiz post will be uploaded. If it is posted tomorrow night, then my laptop would not be available. Otherwise, I am very much willing to participate.
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    I hope it is going to be an interesting one. Though I am not an expert on Mahabharata, I will try to answer them if I get time. I think more members would be willing to participate in this quiz, so check the response and plan accordingly.

    By the way, though it is out of context, do you still have the plan to conduct KBC on ISC? I remember you suggested to conduct something like KBC on ISC a few months ago and many members, including me, have agreed to participate there.


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    Sun, I would have certainly given it a try with my little knowledge about the great epic if the dates were not 31st Dec '18/ 01st Jan '19.

    That aside, tell me why you want to ensure support before organizing any contest? Instead of asking who all will participate and whether someone is willing to participate and so on, why can't you announce the contest unless it is otherwise required as part of the contest?

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    Thank you Dr, Rao, Sanjeev, Partha , Sankalan Bhattacharya and Saji Ganesh.

    A contest needs efforts to prepare and present. After organizing the contest, sparing my time and energy, if there is no good response to the contest, it will be a great disappointment to the author of the contest. Hence this invitation to check and willingness of the members.

    @ Due to a very limited number of members(4) participation, an editor's inability due to unsuitable dates, and owing to my urgent domestic commitments, I won't be able to organize this Quiz as desired. I shalll endevour to conduct a Quiz during the Pongal/Sankranthi days(Tamil New Year Day)

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    Sun, I suggest you announce the contest and see the response as a one time measure. I am sure that if the members find the contest interesting and convenient, they will surely ensure support to the contest you announce. It may be noted that even official contests announced by ISC have, at least sometimes, met with lukewarm responses (though not necessarily because they were not interesting or convenient).
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