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    How long these free Sops will continue?

    In India, people always look for free benefits from the Government. Where from the government will get the money? They tax us again. A person who is earning hard has to pay tax. The total amount a person paying to the government in the form of tax is about 50%. That means the taxpayer is working not only for his family but also for the other people.
    Why so many free Sops to the people? Why can't they earn their money? One side the reservations are eating away a knowledgeable person's chances of getting a job. Somehow they are trying to carry their lives by getting a private job and spending a lot of time to get the livelihood for his family. From that, he has to pay tax. That is how an employee is suffering in India. What is the solution for this?
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    Sops are announced and given by Govt due to various considerations for the different levels of the society. There may be political reasons also to do that.

    The net result of these sops in the society is not a healthy one. In fact it is making people more and more dependent on Govt sops and facilities.

    In an equitable and developed society sops are not required. It is only the backward countries where such things are conceptualised and create conflict.

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    Sops are for certain section of people and not for all. Sops are mostly announced keeping in mind the elections and when it comes near it seems the announcement of different sops increases.

    Many people cannot earn money because the jobs are inadequate and for this more jobs need to be created. Not everybody, who do not get jobs, plans to start their own business and those who plan to start their own business, at times face different political problems. The main problem is corruption in most of the sectors and as long as it is not reduced this vote bank politics will continue. Sops are announced because many sections remain underdeveloped and politicians think that just by announcing certain sops they will enjoy the support of those sections.


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    Well, the author has raised a very important question. Sops are very important in the present political scenario of India. Indian voters are still immature and they vote for the party or leader who promises sops to them. They don't bother that those leaders will get the money back by other ways from the voters themselves. They don't feel that all-round and all-encompassing development is much better than temporary sops.

    So, the answer to the question is that the sops will continue till Indian voters become mature. It may take another thirty years or so (this is my assessment).

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