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    Who is correct - Me or Grammarly?

    I am using Grammarly to check my English at ISC. It is a good tool to check and correct our English. But I have a doubt.
    Which is correct among the following two sentences?

    1. Rama, Lakshmana and Sita went to the forest. (As I learned to write English from my school)
    2. Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita went to the forest. (As checked by Grammarly)

    @The punctuation 'comma' before the word 'and' is the issue here.
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    What I feel is you are correct not Grammarly. I too studied the same in the school. We don't put a comma before and. Sometimes it happens we are correct whereas the tool is not .

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    Does Grammarly allow you to select the language? Is there a way for you to change the auto correct/suggestions to UK English? Perhaps, the language tool is designed for American English.
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    As mentioned by the author, I also faced the same problem while using Grammarly. We have learned UK English during our childhood and now few of these issues regarding punctuations and spellings are faced in this tool because of the prevalence of American English. Juana Ma'am has correctly pointed out that Grammarly might have been designed for American English.

    I also thought of checking the language option and just now I found there is an option in the tool to change your preference. In your web browser, just click on the Green icon of the tool and you will find the option "I write in". Look into the attachment for clarifications.


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    In this case, you are correct. I also face the same problem in such cases, but I ignore Grammarly regarding use of the comma before 'and'.
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    Yes, for ISC contributions you need to set the Grammarly tool to UK English. I think Tony Sir had mentioned this somewhere in the forum at one time and Sankalan has pointed out where the feature is his response above. Also, note that when you are using the tool through a direct log-in to your Grammarly account, the option for language preference can be seen under the Profile tab.
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    An interesting thread where the settings of Grammarly app are illustrated in details. It is true that we have to use an app with correct settings in our environment otherwise these ambiguities will be there.

    I feel that we should not believe the Grammarly blindly as sometimes our writing itself can create ambiguous situation for the app itself to suggest a correction. An app is a mathematical model and it does not have the intelligence comparable to the human brain. The free version of Grammarly is mainly limited to the spelling mistakes, hyphen usage, capital and small letters, basic syntax etc. It does not suggest anything for language enhancement and refinement.

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