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    The unusual story of a peculiar ‘Baba’ (Part-II)

    (Continued from Part-I)

    The Sanyasi whispered but his whispering voice boomed in my ears: "Keep it there and listen to me very carefully." His red eyes were almost burning. I was mesmerized and kept the revolver on the table.

    The Sanyasi continued: "Devi-Mata has chosen you. Your bad days are over. From now on, you have to take bath in the River Ganges (''Ganga-snan'') every morning without fail. Fast on every Thursday. And remember Devi-Mata whenever you are free. That's all". After saying these words, the Sanyasi opened the door and left.

    I came out of my trance, jumped down from the bed and moved towards the door. What did I see? The door was closed and bolted from inside. Then what had happened only two minutes before? And what did the Sanyasi mean by my bad days were over. What bad days? I was totally confused, came back to my bed and sat throughout the night. I could not sleep that night.

    The new dawn arrived. I could not get any sleep. I got out from the bed, forgot my trusted companion, the revolver, on the table and started walking. After ten minutes or so, I found myself on the bank of River Ganges. I felt an urge to bathe. I jumped into the sacred river wearing all my clothes. I felt a peculiar sense of peace engulfing my body.

    The next day also, the same thing happened. In the morning, I somehow reached the bank of the Ganges and bathed. At the time of my return, I suddenly stopped before a temple of the Goddess, stood there with folded hands almost an hour. I suddenly started crying before the Devi; why I didn't know.

    I returned home. I was late for office. The food was ready. I was going to take my breakfast in a hurry. Suddenly, two black and dirty-looking geckos fall straight on my dish. I could not take the food. I was angry. Suddenly I remembered that day was Thursday. I felt angry and helpless but could not take any food.

    This new routine continued. Sometime I felt helpless, Sometime I felt angry. Sometime I also felt happy. But I very well understood that I was not in my control anymore.

    (……. To be continued in Part-III)
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    Good continuation of the unusual Baba story. Yet the peculiarity of the Baba is not revealed. Now, I am more curious to read your part III. Still hanging.
    No life without Sun

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    Very nice continuation of the story without compromising anywhere for maintaining the suspense. Still, we are not a position to think what will happen next. We will wait for your next part. Please post it at the earliest.
    always confident

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    The second part is much more suspenseful and thrilling than the first one. The subconscious mind of the person is troubling him and pressing hard to change his materialistic ways and go for religious and spiritual sides in the life. He is seeing strange things and shapes driving him from bad to good. He is fighting with his own inner self to find a way ahead.

    The third part is also released by the author but I will be seeing only after this one to enjoy the suspense in its intended purpose.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The suspense still remains. The author has described every situation in such a way to keep us enthralled and I am sure there will be more surprises in the next part.

    This peculiar 'Baba' got everything in life and enjoyed it in his own way. Is he doing all these things out of some regret in life or just following the instructions of the Sanyasi to get something more? Let's wait for more in the next part.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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