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    Prayers for trapped miners

    You may have seen the news of the 15 miners trapped in a coal mine in Meghalaya. I have been following the news regularly and am praying for their successful rescue. I recalled the rescue of the group of 12 kids from a flooded cave in Thailand.

    I have been reading media reports of the State Government's very slow and abysmal response to the incident, which conveys a lot of needless delay in acquiring professional help and requisite equipment, such as pumps with higher horsepower to pump out the water in the mine. Yesterday, finally, the rescue operations got scaled up and professional divers from our Navy were brought in. They are going all out to locate the miners. Hope they are successful and everyone trapped is safely brought out.
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    It is a very sad incident. I have also seen this news and I feel pity for the 15 people who got entrapped in the mines. As mentioned by ME the State government has not responded quickly. Anyhow now the Navy people are on work and I hope they will be able to save these 15 entrapped people from the mines. I pray to God for the well being of these 15 people. Let us hope the good news will be heard shortly.
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    This is a very sad incident. I wish they are saved soon by the efforts of the government. These days we are facing such cases all over the world. I think we should be more focused on safety, also the government should also think about this aspect.

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    Sad to hear the news. All miners are poor migrant laborers from neighboring states.
    Mining was banned in Meghalaya since 2014. Illegal mining activities still continues…
    How these people are allowed to continue with rude method of mining? I heard,15 illegal miners were trapped in 2012 also, and their bodies were never recovered.
    Poor administration.

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    I have seen the news in media and it seems that due to logistic issues and other lethargies the agencies have not able to take up the rescue operations in time. The fate of trapped workers is not known.

    It is a sad news and shows another case of such events where we are not prepared for the rescue operations and it also shows that our disaster management requires still a lot improvement for such unforeseen calls.

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    The NDRF team reached there only yesterday with heavy instruments necessary for rescuing the trapped miners. But, very, unfortunately, the rescue work is still not successful.

    I pray to the Almighty for the safety of the trapped miners.

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    It's an unfortunate incident. In many parts of the country, illegal mining is still going on and when these types of mishap occur, the authorities act late by giving unusual excuses. Presently, the NDRF along with the Navy and the Odisha Fire Service is carrying out the operation to rescue the trapped miners. Divers of the joint team are trying their best to find the trapped miners and I pray that they become successful in finding all the trapped miners.

    Along with the rescue operations, rules must be implemented strictly to ban illegal mining everywhere.


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