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    If you drive drunk, police won't excuse you.

    The new year is approaching fast now, we all have plans to go out and party hard but few of us drink hard and drive back to our home. But this time they will have to be cautious as Delhi police are checking hard to catch these drunkards.

    Police have made all the arrangements to identify such people. Many people try to cheat the breathalyser by filling their mouth with fresh air and then exhaling. But cops say such tricks don't work any longer. "Mentos and all sorts of elaichi (cardamom), peanut butter and digiene won't do anything for them. If they play smart while blowing, we take them to the hospital for blood and urine test. Most of them are not aware that we are capable of taking them to the hospital, they quit arguing with us as soon as they know this,"

    People know how strict is police against "drink and drive" cases still we do that. Why don't we understand that not only we put our lives in danger by doing so but also other's life too?. Why dont we hire a vehicle when we are drunk and have to go back home.

    Hope with the strict actions police is planning to take against such people this year, such incidents will reduce. What do you say or this time too people will be able to make cops fool.
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    Whether the police check or not, drunk and drive is not safe for anybody. Sometimes it may lead to accidents and involve innocent people who are on the road. We may come out of the police by paying some fine. But we can't come out of the effects of accidents easily. An accident on new year day is not good. To that matter, the accident is never good.
    If anyone wants to celebrate the new year eve with a drink, let them better do it in their houses. Otherwise, don't go out by self-drive. It is advisable to use a cab. Select a cab where the cab driver is not drunk. Otherwise, you will be in problem if he does any accident.
    I wish all the members to have a safe new year day without any problems like drunk and drive.

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    Let us not spoil the mood of celebration. Police should be strict on all other days except New Year Day, a day to enjoy. It is the individuals' responsibility to take charge of the drink and drive without creating any problem to others and self. Police should not fine, but care and help them to reach home safely.
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    Drunk driving and eve-teasing have become major problems in all major cities of India during the last 5-10 years of English New Year celebrations. The Police forces must remain alert and must take immediate measures before such lawlessness snowballs into a major problem.

    The law-breakers must be given proper treatment.

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    The people who are driving the vehicle after drinking liquor are a potential threat to not only their own life but to other innocent people walking on the roads or pavements during the new year eve. It is a very unsafe act to do so. Until unless severe punishment is made, these people will not change their ways.

    New year is a time to enjoy and have fun with friends and relatives. If a person is habituated to drink then he should give the command of the vehicle to he other person who has not drunk or hire a taxi.

    We do not have a license to kill others just for our fun and frolic.

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    Drink and drive is a punishable offence and the police must remain vigil to stop this practice. Policemen remain extra cautious to stop this practice on a few occasions and the new year is among those days.

    People celebrate to welcome the new year by drinking and partying and many people do drink and drive and get injured. We must be careful on the road because it is used by everybody. While nobody can interfere with our choice of celebration, we should not be the cause of worry of others. Let's be responsible, to ourselves as well as to the society.


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