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    The unusual story of a peculiar ‘Baba’ (Part-III)

    (Continued from Part-II)

    My life changed forever. I started taking bath in the Ganges everyday. I started fasting on every Thursday. I started thinking of Devi-Mata. As I don't know any 'stotra', any 'mantra', I only do the 'pranam'. I don't ask for anything from Her. What can I ask for myself?

    The day of retirement came. Earlier I used to love my office. I immensely liked the environment of this 'Abgari' department which many feel nauseating. But, later I became emotionless. My colleagues, on the day of my retirement, handed me two huge packets. One of the packets contained a huge amount of money. Another packet, rather a box, contained bottles of liquor. I distributed the money to some poor people waiting outside the temple which I now visit after the 'Ganga-snan' everyday. I kept the liquor bottles in the cellar. Tried these exquisite liquors, but could not get any taste. I have lost interest in liquor. What has happened to me?

    Then another peculiar thing happened in one morning. I long stopped carrying my revolver during my morning bath in the Ganges. On that dawn, I started walking. Then suddenly, I heard a sound. Two people jumped from a tree. Immediately I found that those two men with covered face were carrying fire-arms and daggers. I was starting to run, suddenly I heard a voice. The voice was known to me. The Sanyasi was saying: "Move forward. Don't run. Don't try to find out what is happening behind you." I followed his advice. I heard the grumble of two dogs and bitter cry of two men. I didn't look back.

    While returning after taking the bath, I found that two known goondas of the town were killed by two unknown big dogs on that road. Later, I found that two of my sworn enemies (whom I had harassed in various ways during my service period) tried to finish me off on that morning. But the professional murderers whom they had sent, themselves got killed by two ferocious but unseen dogs.

    Since then, the local people have started floating rumours about my miraculous power. These idiots have started saying that I have reached a very high level of the spiritual path. I am being protected by two ferocious dogs, and many other similar things. How can I explain to them? I have no power. I can't do any miracle. I can't even control my own action. They say Mother Goddess is looking after me. But, why me? Who am I? I don't know even a single 'stotra'; I don't know even a simple 'mantra'. There are so many great people who are doing 'sadhana' for the 'kripa' of Mother. All-powerful Mother doesn't shower her 'kripa' on those people, why has she kept her hand over this sinner's head? Why? Why? Why?


    The unusual, unwilling 'Baba' continued to cry loudly. The visitor got up slowly, came out of the room and closed the door silently behind him.

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    Good conclusion. This is how people will make Babas. Some people try to take advantage of these innocent people and make money. Babas are created by people only. Something good may happen because of some unknown event and that will make the people believe that the man is having supernatural powers and a Baba will be created there. Let us believe in our own ability and do our work. God will be there behind us to see that we will be saved always. I appreciate the author for his good writing skills and good narration. I hope to read many such stories from the author. All the best to him.
    always confident

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    Well thought and well narrated Baba story. Enjoyed reading the story. Every Baba will have his own silent story behind him. Your unusual Baba is really a peculiar Baba. Babas are not born but made. There are self-made Babas, Man-made Babas, and God-made Babas.
    No life without Sun

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    Very interesting end of the three part narration by the author. The story has depicted very nicely the transformation of a person from a materialistic bribe taker employee to a totally changed person who is being considered by the people as a powerful Baba.

    The mysterious and hidden forces protecting him from the enemies are well presented in the story and I congratulate the author for a nice conclusion.

    I am not a professional story writer but I am seeing that this theme has immense potential to expand it in form of a novel and the author, if he has time to spare for that, can think in that direction. Now a days there are many reputed online platforms where one can publish one's work. It is not necessary to go for a print edition.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Now people call him 'Baba'. It is understood from the final part that the person was corrupt and harassed others during his service. Two of them were harassed in such a way that they thought of killing him just after his retirement. Now, since that person started praying to Devi-Mata and lost interest in money, it is understood that he chose the spiritual way to lead the rest of his life.

    The complete story was wonderfully narrated by the author and I have heard that there are few very corrupted people who turn to spiritualism later in life. Maybe after realising their corrupt activities they become very depressed and try to find some solace through spiritual means.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I thank the Members who have read this long story in three parts. I will be satisfied if they like the story.

    When I re-read the story, I find that I have used many Sanskrit words without giving their English meanings. Actually, I continued writing and due to the flow, I didn't notice this at the time of uploading these three parts. This is a minus point of this story.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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