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    Let us try to be more safety concious in the new year 2019

    We all are bidding farewell to 2018 and welcoming the new year 2019. At this juncture I want to suggest that let us all observe the basic safety precautions in our houses as well as in the work places to make 2019 a more safer year.

    It is only a matter of taking certain precautions and care in our life that we can make this to happen. Safety is a way of life and those who are careful and patient can achieve it.

    In our house, there are many small things which we forget in a hurry and that leads to minor as well as major incidents. For example, some people forgot to wipe the bathroom floor after taking bath and the next person who enters to use it slips on the thin soap layer on the floor. It is sometimes leads to a fatal injury.

    That is only an example to show that a simple carelessness can create a big problem in the life. There are many situations like that.

    Let us try our best to make 2019 an accident free year by adopting safer ways and methods in our activities.

    What is your view regarding this?
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    We should follow safety precautions in every walk of our lives. Whether in the house or in the office if we don't follow these precautions chances of meeting with an accident are very high. Let us be careful while driving vehicles and let us follow all traffic rules. By not following these safety rules you may save a few minutes. But if you met with an accident there is every chance you will suffer a lot. Sometimes it may cause our life also. We should follow all safety precautions not only in actions but also in talks also. We see sometimes the words we use will annoy other people and will create unhappiness. It will lead to unhealthy relations.
    In addition to safety precautions, we should all should follow health precautions also and should maintain good health. We should have good eating habits and we should make our selves physically fit always.
    I wish all the members of ISC an accident-free and healthy 2019.

    always confident

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    Safety is a very important aspect of our life. Neglecting safety means neglecting our life.

    Life is a precious gift of nature to us. We should preserve it in the best of the ways rather than harm it with our carelessness, impatience and unsafe ways of working.

    Safety is not a compulsion, it is a necessity of smooth passage of life. One small unsafe procedure can bring catastrophic results. We should be very concerned and attentive for safety in every sphere of our life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Safety comes first. Therefore we should always focus more on safety. At workplace too we have a slogan " safety first and quality must". Likewise at home too we should follow all the safety rules.

    Few of the small things like we should switch off the regulator of the LPG cylinder after the use. We should check all our electrical devices timely. We should not touch a boiling vessel and should use a cloth to put it off from the burner. And many more safety rules are to be followed at homes so that we may avoid accidents and injuries we may get due to these accidents.


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