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    This Delhi auto-driver has immensely improved the goodwill of his profession

    The taxi-drivers and auto-drivers are generally terrible. We think they always fleece money from their passengers. The auto-drivers of Delhi are infamous in this regard. People in Delhi don't like and don't trust auto-drivers of the city.

    But, on 22nd December, 2018, Pawan Shah, an auto-driver in Delhi, proved this general assessment wrong. At around 10.45 a.m., he was returning to his residence after dropping a passenger at his destination. He suddenly noticed a woman carrying a baby was standing at the edge of a bridge over Meethapur canal. Pawan suspected something unusual and immediately stopped his auto. But within seconds, the woman jumped into the canal with the baby. She was trying to commit suicide.

    Pawan didn't waste time. He also immediately jumped into the canal to save two precious lives. He started shouting for help. Fortunately, three locals heard him and they also came to rescue the woman and the child. Somehow, these four managed to save them.

    But, unfortunately, in the ice-cold water, Pawan Shah's muscles gave up and he was swept away by the strong current. He saved the woman and the baby but could not save himself.

    But this ordinary auto-driver has improved the goodwill of his profession by his sacrifice.
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    It is really a great story about the brave person who has taken that high risk of jumping in the river in the winter season and giving his life to save a woman and her child. I appreciate not only the brevity of this auto rickshaw driver but also his quick action and presence of mind to save the mother and child.

    If properly highlighted by the media and news agencies, he deserves an award of brevity posthumously may be on the eve of republic day or any such occasion when such brave people are awarded by the Govt.

    Few people show such courage in saving the life of others.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is amazing. An auto driver in the night around 10.45 PM jumped into the cold water to save the lady and her baby. We should definitely appreciate the driver. These days we very rarely find such people. It is unfortunate that he couldn't save himself in the process of saving an unknown lady and her baby. We can't generalize good or bad by a profession. Not that all drivers are bad and at the same time we can't say all auto drivers are good. In all professions, there will be some good people and there will be some bad people. The government should recognize the sacrifice he has made and help his family by way of providing some livelihood to their family. The reason for the suicide attempt of that lady is also to be pursued and sufficient help should be given to that lady also to come of the difficulties.
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    I read this incident in the news. This shows that humanity still prevails. It was announced that he will get the bravery award for it.

    It's very rare that autorickshaw drivers do that. Normally in Delhi, they are believed to be the most corrupted and dishonest people. People don't believe in them. Ladies fear to sit in the auto rickshaw alone in the night.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    It's really unfortunate that the man who saved two precious lives couldn't save himself. There are many good men like him in every profession who never bothers about own life while helping another person. There are general impressions about a certain section in the society or about a certain profession and the case of Delhi autorickshaw drivers are also like it.

    When there is a widespread fear of a decline in compassion, these acts of bravery reminds us that it's only us who can help a fellow human being in distress. The government must come forward to adequately help the family of the autorickshaw driver and his bravery should be rewarded. My salute to the brave man who sacrificed his life and he will remain as an example in the minds of the people everywhere.


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