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    Are we really conserving tigers?

    Again two male tigers found dead in Maharashtra between Sunday and Monday in the Pauni range in the periphery of Umred-Karhandla-Paoni Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagpur. A half-eaten carcass of a wild pig was found near one of the tigers, raising the forest department's suspicion that it may have been a poisoned bait.

    As per the reports, 92 tigers died in 2018 and state of Madhya Pradesh tops the list. Here 23 tigers were killed and in Maharashtra 21 tigers were killed.

    Doesn't feel strange? As at one hand, we are protecting them as they are endangered species and on the other hand, they are being killed or dying at a fast pace. What sort of conservation it is?
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    With the increasing deforestation, industrialisation and urbanisation the boundaries between the jungles and cities are diminishing in their size and are becoming thin for the infiltration of the wild animals from wild to the urban world. This is leading to unfortunate unintentional killing of these animals not only on the highways and concrete jungles but also the intentional killing by the poachers who are taking advantage of this situation.

    Conserving the tigers is a big task as it requires a lot of planning to conserve our eco system and until unless we sustain our environment and preserve the nature, we can not achieve this difficult target.

    Countries world over are struggling for this goal of conservation of our natural habitat and ecology. In some places, the jungle boundaries are fenced to restrict the movement of these animals from jungles to the city sides but it is not possible to plug all the areas as these boundaries are long and tedious for physical approach. In big countries it is a herculean task.

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    It is really very sad that about 92 tigers died in 2018. Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are in the top of the list and about 50% of the total tigers killed are in these two states. We say they are endangered species. But on the other hand, many tigers are being killed or they may be dying their natural death. Ultimately the number is diminishing.
    The area which is under forests is coming down and the deforestation is going on a big way. This will make animals homeless. They will be entering into Concrete jungles. Here they are killed for some reason or other.
    There should be a plan of action by the forest department to handle the crisis in an efficient manner and see that these tigers will not leave the forest. Otherwise, the killing spree will continue. There will be 100 reasons to defend their actions. But ultimately the number of tigers will be coming down.

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    # Dr Rao yes ultimately the number of tigers is diminishing. This is because when we are cutting forests we make them homeless and we force them to enter our world and that's how they start attacking human beings and that's how we plan to kill them. This is actually happening and causing their numbers coming down. This is a very alarming situation and we should think of the consequences of the same.

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    Due to the encroachment of jungles and forest areas, we are losing the ecosystem very fast and the conducive environment to the growth of wild animals like tigers is affected.

    Stringent measures for conservation of wild life are required to be adhered to if we really want a positive progress in this area.

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    It is a very worrisome trend. As far as I understand, the contact between tigers and human beings is maximum in the forests of Madhya Pradesh and Mahrashtra. So, the number of unnatural death of tigers is maximum in these two states. The solutions are nowhere in sight.

    However, I can say that the tigers are trying to find new habitats on their own. Recently, tiger sightings have been reported in the National Park and Sanctuaries of West Bengal situated on the lap of the Himalayas where earlier tigers were never sighted (example: tiger sighting at Neora Valley Park of West Bengal).

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