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    It's Shift+Del and then Enter. Everything is gone. Be careful!

    In ISC, we all write. We write interesting threads, articles, answer questions and lots of other things. Actually, we all are creating something out of our own. Earlier, when the computer was not there the only things required to write was pen and paper. Though the main task is done in the mind, we need to express that to others in the form of writing. When we were dependent only on paper and pen, imagine the situation of the room of a writer. Papers were scattered everywhere along with different magazines and articles. At times it was really difficult to find out one of the intended articles and writers had to rummage through the papers to look for it.

    Now things are so organized. You can store all of your works in the Hard Drive of your computer and name the folder according to your choice. There are so many options to save your work at different destinations and nowadays cloud storage is among the popular ones. It is so easy to maintain the works and even easier to delete them. When some important documents are there inside the folder if you accidentally select that folder and press Shift+Del and enter, it's permanently deleted. Whatever you have saved inside that folder will not be found. Therefore, always save your important works at few more locations so that you can retrieve them if any one of them is accidentally deleted.
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    A good precaution told by the author but I do not think that this command is being used by the people routinely.

    This is an unusual one, I have never used it. In fact I am hearing it for the first time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I thank the author for warning us about this command. I did not know about this command before reading this thread. Now, I have to remember this and be very careful because this command has permanently entered my mind.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Shift + delete is the keyboard command used to delete a file or a folder permanently. If you simply press 'delete' button in your keyboard to delete your files or folders, then you have a chance to restore the contents directly from the recycle bin because delete option will send your files to the recycle bin instead of completely removing it from the storage space. But that is not the case with Shift + delete, the folders or files once deleted using Shift + Delete command will be removed permanently and cannot be seen in the recycle bin or trash. You can restore your shift deleted files only with the help of recovery software. So, be cautious while using this command. You can wisely select 'no' in delete confirmation dialog box if you unknowingly press shift+ delete in your keyboard.

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    It is always better to have a fall back arrangement always. I have a separate hard disk. If anything important there is I will store in that In addition to that they will be stored on the computer also. As my knowledge on the computer is limited I don't want to take any risk. I always want to play safe. That is the reason I keep like this. Unknowingly if I do any mistake it will be a problem. A good precautions advised by the author. I think many people will follow this.
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