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    There is no excitement if there is no competition

    We are living in a competitive world. Whether one is a student or worker or executive or businessman, competition is everywhere.

    In some places, competition may be moderate while in other places it is cut throat.

    Just imagine if there were no competitions, what would have been our situation. Had we been alert and cautious same way as we are today or remained dull and lazy.

    In fact, this is the competitive world only which has brought so much excitement in our lives and has induced the requisite will to perform and outstand in our works today.

    Do you think the same way? Please give your opinion.
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    I fully agree with the author. Without competition, most of us don't feel the urge to excel. But the competition must be fair. Only then the end result would be good for all.
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    True. Competition brings in the challenge. Once there is a challenge we will try to work hard to win the competition. If there is no competition we feel we are great and our efforts will come down. That will be bad for our success. So competition is always required.
    During my high school. I was having a friend who was competing with me in all the subjects. We used to try very hard. If I get first marks in a subject he will be the second. If he is getting the first mark, I will be the 2nd. It was like that. It was the same way from 8th class to 10th class. Finally, in the SSC final examinations, I got the total first in the school and my friend got the second rank and the difference is very less.
    In every stage of our life, we should have a competitor. Otherwise, we will not get our best out. If there is somebody who gives you a tough competition, you will also try hard and you will go upward in our career. That is why we say competition is always better.

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    What about competition within oneself? What if you want to better yourself? What if you want to post better threads or answers or resources? What if you want to correct mistakes that have been pointed out?

    Umesh, before trying to compete with others, let us introspect and see to it that we have done the best possible. Can we try to do better than what we did yesterday? Isn't that a competition? I think that would be fine.

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    Competition in life is always important as that makes us improve yourself. If there is no competition we will never that there is the scope of improvement. Although comparing with others is a different thing. We should not do that.

    As Saji said why can't we have a competition with our self. I would say no because when we do that we become a bit lazy as we know no one is going to get ahead of us.


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    Yes, in absence of external competition or stimuli one can try to improve from one's earlier benchmark. It is possible to perform better in that way also.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true that presence of competition alerts us in many respect and then we are inspired to work hard to compete. If competition is not there then many people may become sluggish or lazy.

    On the other hand too much of competition is not a good thing as it affects the physical condition of the people to some degree due to exertion.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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