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    Do your efforts sincerely, do not bother for results

    Ramesh was in class XII in science stream. He was an average student and not very brilliant academically. He was worried about his educational career just like the other students of his age. His parents told him to try for the engineering entrance exam. He was not very sure whether he will be able to compete in that or not. Anyway, he decided to try for the same and started preparing accordingly. He got some model question papers and some help books and was putting sufficient time for his studies in hope of qualifying in the engineering entrance examination. When the notification for JEE came in the newspaper he also submitted his application for the same.

    His class XII exams were over and now there was only one and a half month left for the JEE and he was trying very hard to study and do revisions of already learned things. He had not fared excellently even in the class XII exam and was not hopeful of scoring more than 75 or 80% in that.

    Anyway, he was busy with his studies and finally, the scheduled date of the JEE arrived and he appeared in the exam. After the exam was over he found that though he fared all right still it was not up to the mark for getting selected for entering the engineering course. Soon the results were announced but Ramesh missed it by a small margin as he was almost at the boundary where the last student was taken for admission.

    Ramesh was sad and told his parents that he was a useless boy and will be a failure in his life. His father simply patted him on his back and said, "Ramesh, listen, it's not the end of the world. You are a hard-working student and this is not the only career option you have. There are thousands of things which you can try in your life. You can go for B.Sc. or BBA or Diploma in Engineering or even pursue M.Sc. and PhD after graduation or we can start a business together as I am going to retire from my job in next 2 years. So do not be disheartened, life is very strange and mysterious, we do not know what good is there in store for us in the future. The main thing is one should make efforts sincerely which you have already done in this case. So just forget everything and prepare for your future endeavours.

    Ramesh was highly motivated by it and was soon out of his sad mood.

    This is my TOW entry for the contest - It's not the end of the world.
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    A very inspiring thread from the author. If a person does not find his/her name in the merit list in any competitive examination, it is not the end of the road. However, very few guardians of the present-day competitive world can motivate their children like Ramesh's father. A good thread for the students who are scared of failures.
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    A good story. These days all the parents think that their children should go for Engineering or MBBS course only. There are no other courses, the feel, which will give their wards a good career. So they put a lot of pressure on them. Sometimes this pressure will make the children become very sad and they will go for unwanted acts. In fact, these two courses are not the end of the world. There are many other ways to excel in their lives. This fact is brought out in this story. The students who are not able to make into the above courses can always try many other courses like graduation in Science and then the higher courses. Even a B.Ed course after B.Sc will give good scope to excel in their lives.
    The parent in the story is different who made his son get motivated. This is exactly what is required from the parents. They should see that their children may do better by getting their children inspired.

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    The nice story presented by the author. Yes, it happens with all of us. Sometimes we don't achieve what we wanted to but that's not the end of the world.

    Similarly in Ramesh case too. If he didn't qualify for JEE that doesn't mean he is useless. There are other options too available. But usually, parents want their kids to be an engineer or a doctor so it's hard for us to accept any other courses than this which I feel is not good.


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    An interesting story by the author. Yes, failures are and will always be there in our life but we have to take them as a learning lesson for the future.

    One should not fall in the grip of hopelessness, despair or demotivation once a setback is there. We have to stand up and try for it again without losing our enthusiasm.

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    A wonderful story of an inspiring father. There are many parents who think that good marks and degrees from reputed institutions will fetch a good job for their children. They put unnecessary pressure on the kids since the beginning without analyzing the capabilities of the children. This creates a lot of anxiety and the children can become depressive because of this attitude of the parents.

    Ramesh's father has done an excellent job by encouraging Ramesh when he was feeling sad. If sadness continues for a long time it can create further trouble and no parents want their child to suffer. All the parents must encourage their child when the child is depressed and parental support is always crucial for a child. Parents are the shelter to them and if somehow the children feel threatened in the shelter then they become helpless. Failing in certain exams is not the end of the road, rather it gives a good opportunity to analyze what went wrong. Trying something new and looking for more options is always encouraging and that is what exactly we learned from this thread.


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