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    I am curious to know before donating

    Nowadays I have been noticing a peculiar thing. Whenever I open any Indian site (and everyday I open at least twelve sites), I find advertisements with photos of ladies and their ailing children. The advertisements are worded almost the same. Such advertisements say that the baby (male or female) has been suffering from a complex disease and require fund. The advertisements also call for the donation from the readers. Even I notice such advertisements in ISC also.

    I would like to know from the Members whether such advertisements are genuine. Should we donate responding to such advertisements?

    This issue is now bothering me. Kindly furnish your detailed opinion.
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    This is because Google advertisers may have added you in the possible customer list. So, that they are showing ads on the basis of your interest. This is called interest based adverts by Google.
    I also get a lot of Godaddy related ads and other types of tech ads.

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    But the main question is whether the sites are reliable for the purpose of donation. Should the readers donate?
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    There are many sites which are asking for donations but most of them are not genuine. It is possible that only a few of them may be genuine and asking help for the real needy one.

    The problem is how to differentiate between the two.

    Best thing is ignore them and until unless we are confirmed about the genuineness of the donation seeker, we should not do anything in this matter.

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    I feel they are not genuine persons. Even I have noticed such ads on social media. I think this is a new method of begging in this digital world.

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    Any of such advertisements in the pages of different sites are paid promotions in order to attract the attention of the readers so as to get the maximum possible funds & that's why these are provided with the space & therefore the genuineness of such advertisements can't be guaranteed as they are guided through with the money & that means this could be fake also. These set-up can be done by the NGOs or some independent establishments but their basis can't be identified & therefore it is suggested to help someone which you can be evident of directly. For example, you may find even the needy individuals in your localities & at the same time you can be confident of the exact picture in order for you to do the needful.

    In addition & even if you are blackmailed emotionally by the advertisements than with good intentions you can go ahead & make the contributions but its up to you because you needs to get satisfied from your actions & being in doubt this never possible.

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    On good faith, its good to know that these can't be 100% fraud but still finding the scam is not easy or may be the chances that this is impossible to get identified but again on good faith we can take the chances & who knows that your donation reaches to someone who is real in need of those.

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    Certain website which depends on crowdfunds. These website collect fund for certain cause. They are using ads to get more members. On the other hand large number of NGOs is also using ads to reach more customers to get more funds. These NGOs may have huge list of donors. Some of these may share funds lists and they are in 10s of crore per years. So, definitely they have deep pockets to do ads as well.
    Hence not all are fake but we need to use our mind to understand whether or not we should donate.

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    Hope you haven't read my recent thread "Donate now, Donate now, Donate now".

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    Mr. SuN: Except you, all others are saying: "Don't donate until you check their credentials".
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    Nowhere I have said that I would donate or we should donate. I am against this donation sought through the ads on the net. I give only one or two rupees as alms to the beggars, but not donate to people begging through the net. Also, I feed the hungry.

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    I have posted a thread almost on a similar topic a few months ago when I have first noticed these type of advertisements. Actually, if you follow certain advertisements in newspapers and in different public places you will find a few of them are quite misleading. Even we receive e-mails with subject lines which are really catchy but by going through them it is understood that it is just a form of promotion.

    For example, there are many e-mails with subject lines similar to 'Your loan is sanctioned', 'Click to get your instant credit card' and likes. There is no rule in the country to verify the advertisements before posting, but if someone is duped by those advertisements published in newspapers or websites and the person lodges a complaint then necessary action is initiated against the advertisers.

    I have replied in Mr Sun's thread Donate now, Donate now, Donate now regarding the precautions to be followed while carrying out online transactions and it is applicable everywhere. These type of advertisements always make people emotional and people become really confused. While there is no option to check the genuineness of those advertisements, you can start a conversation with the donation-seekers by dialling the numbers provided there. By asking different types of questions at times the genuineness of the donation-seekers may be understood but it's not foolproof. Before donating, verifications must be carried out since you are using the online gateways for making the payment.


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    Whatever is the mode of donation, it should go to the real needy person and then only the purpose of donation is achieved.

    In the internet jungle we see so many things which are not authentic and we should be careful and not fall in those traps.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I would also like to know the reason behind this sudden increase of similar ads on every website which I open. Everywhere I see the image of (different) woman and young child which states that the child has been suffering from a complicated disease and requires a donation. Do all Members notice such ads everywhere, or is it coming to me only?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    @ partha
    I already told in my previous comment that Google serve interest based ads to it's customers. I also means Google may have considered that you are potential customer of its Google's client (advertisers). So, you may get ads related to that category. For example i keep visit hosting websites regularly and i get ads on youtube and various website related to that category majorly of technology.
    Today i saw one banner of donation category. Remember these ads are shown to 10 of thousands people not only you.

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