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    Is there a viable alternative to plastic anywhere in India?

    In Bangalore, it is superb to see small cloth bags being sold for Rs.8 or Rs.10 or Rs.15. No plastic bag is ever given even in the small supermarkets or vegetable shops. However, one wonders how they pack food items, particularly the so-called "side dishes" like chutney or sambar. In Tamil Nadu, a revolution is now sought to be put in order. The hotel guys will not insist on aluminium or ever silver containers or even those made of brass, as they stand a chance of being fined or jailed.

    However, members may please point out an alternative to plastic. Or any alternative. For instance, can be traditional banana leaf become more strong if it is subject to any process? This suggestion may look absurd, but maybe someday, someone might as well find out a herbal solution that makes the banana leaf very strong. The logic is that it could then take the shape of various containers. The aluminium foils are already used in the railway stations and elsewhere. However, are these biodegradable?

    We need some solutions on a pan-India basis. Yes, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost. But we possibly cannot tolerate the kind of plastics that makes our environments so miserable.
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    Practically speaking there is no alternative of plastic at present. The government may impose a ban on using plastic but the fact is people will use it but of course, the use of the same may get reduced.

    All packing of the product is presently being packed with plastic sheet how can it be replaced. Various Gutkas, pan masala even shampoos are packed in plastic pouches. Can we think of replacing them? The government should work on the same before taking any action .


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    Plastic usages need not be completed zeroed. A thick plastic which can be reprocessed can be used. But the problem comes with very thin and small bags. After using these bags people will through them anywhere and everywhere and they will fly and go into the sewage lines and block them which will cause havoc and a lot of problems. So that should be stopped. Thin cardboard boxes or aluminium wrappers can be for packing the food items is one solution. For Packing Kirana items in our younger age, people were using covers made with old newspapers for packing these items. These bags can be used again for packing them. For clothes also we can use paper bags. For carrying vegetables cloth bags can be used instead of packing them in thin plastic liners. This cloth bags can be carried by us while going to the market and we can bring the items in those bags. This will make the usable of thin plastic liners. If it can be achieved we can say that we achieved a lot. Slowly in many places, the usage of plastic bags is coming down but not completely eliminated. Let us work together to achieve this goal.
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    Thick plastic sheet and aluminium foil both can be reprocessed and if managed properly even can be kept separately and not to be mixed with other garbage items.

    The whole thing now is coming to management of disposable of garbage in an environment friendly manner. Right now there is no alternative of plastic packaging material and till the time that technology can find out a solution for it, the things are to be somehow managed by judicious use of these environment degrading material.

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    There are processes where the waste plastic can be ashed in incinerators with high raising chimneys where all the hazardous gases will get diluted. But the question is they are costly and many are not following this. The s best solution is the reprocessing of plastics with all required precautions so that he flew gases are treated properly before leaving into the universe.
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