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    Why is Modi silent on the Sabarimala temple issue?

    We have had one of the worst times when the Prime Minister has not even addressed a single press conference of note. Far from being transparent, his silence on many sensitive issues is glaring.

    The Sabarimala temple issue is one such. It is a well-known fact that the fringe parties of the BJP, in particular, the Hindu outfits are up to a huge amount of mischief. The rule of the law is just not there are and they are preventing the women devotees from even coming close to the temple. They do not even respect the Supreme Court judgement. Till the highest court of the land reviews the petitions that have now being filed, the law is that women should be allowed.

    It is ridiculous to argue that the so-called "traditions" have to be upheld. The BJP is trying its best to make its presence felt in Kerala, by hook or by crook. Yet, the PM has not even spoken a single word. He does not even condemn the outrageous behaviour of his own party.

    The highly educated people of Kerala will probably give the BJP a bigger drubbing in the Lok Sabha elections as well.
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    Why is Modi silent on the terrible law and order condition and appeasement of particular minority group in West Bengal?

    The reason is basically same. The law and order situation comes under the duty of the respective State Government. When the situation deteriorates beyond control, only then the Central Government (under the Prime Minister) intervenes.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The Supreme Court has already given its verdict. As per that verdict all females should also to be allowed into the temple. Today I have seen in the newspaper that two ladies entered the temple and offered the prayers. Already the State Government is taking the required actions as the Law and Order will be under the State Government. Still if they are not able to solve the problem they can ask the help of centre. As far as I understand there is no such request from the State government. In this entire episode where is the role of PM. He never encounraged the BJP workers to stop the people going to the temple.If he talks something again the State Government will say that he is encroaching their areas. So I support PM in this particular matter.BJP may lose in Kerala. May be in other States also. I don't think by keeping silent he is not doing any favour to BJP

    always confident

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    Oh, did you not notice that our PM had finally spoken about Sabarimala? He had to be awakened by the Women Wall sponsored by the left front in Kerala. He compared the Muthalaq with Sabarimala that Muthalaq was a gender equality issue while the Sabarimala was one of tradition and belief (please read the Hon'ble Supreme Court order if you can) and was as usual very vociferous. Sometimes it takes time to wake up. Was it Lipton or Brookebond that had come up with such an advertisement earlier? I don't remember. Political dramas can take unexpected twists and turns.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    What is Women Wall?
    I saw in a TV Channel some two days before that some ladies standing in queue with children in highway under hot sun and shouting something? What for they shouted?
    Is that Women Wall? Another election Jumla?

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    Modi is a statesman and graceful politician. Only a few leaders in the past can be compared to him. Inspite of many odds he is trying to take the country on a progressive road.

    He may not like to comment on each of the small or significant issue until unless he feels necessory for his intervention.

    He believes in - 'Speech is silver, silence is gold.'

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mr. Neeraj: This so-called women wall is a State Government sponsored conspiracy from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram consisting of women who are atheists and from other religions to mock Hindu religious practices and customs. These so-called progressive women never talk about abhorrent practices from other religions.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr Partha,
    I am surprised to see women queuing up along the Highway, stopping the traffic. Traffic on roads can be stopped only in the case of movement by President of India, Vice President and Prime Minister of India and visiting foreign dignitaries who are given PM level security cover (RTI Act 2005).
    How it become a state sponsored programme? It is an illegal activity. I also heard that they created biggest queue in the world. Is that true? But I have seen queue bigger than this in front of liquor shops in Kerala earlier days.

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    This so-called women wall consisting of atheists and other women from other minority communities is being encouraged by the Communist Government of Kerala. These women ridicule Hindu customs but are silent on the issue of debarring women in the shrines of other communities, for example in Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church.

    Two such atheist women entered the Sabarimala Temple yesterday without any traditional offering on their head with the State Police Force giving them all co-operation. As a result, the sacred Temple had to be closed for purification.

    And we are discussing why Modi is silent when people sneezed on the road!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Many including the author would agree with when I would be referring to famous saying that, "Where there is a will there is a way". I am saying so because we again evident of criticism of the democratically elected PM Modi in the present context. This thread is created On 02.01.2019 @ 16:07 but PM Modi has already clarified the same on 01.01.2019 in a one hour & thirty five minutes interview including of the Sabarimala row & the author is requested to pl. have a look & for Rafale row I would urge the author to pl. watch the recent parliament discussion between Arun Jaitely & Rahul Gandhi.

    I failed to understand now about why the PM Modi is carried with so much hatred among the people of India that even after so much time we don't find even a single day of him taking leave or enjoying & celebrating on the public expenditures or at least I am expecting those to come up with their choice of PM candidate & with the justified reason.

    The same author came-up with the numbers of thread earlier with the notion that nothing good is happening in our country but when asked about why so & whether the same never got existed during the regimes of the previous governments than failed to answer on this subject. Why we are behaving like a Rahul Gandhi that when even been clarified by the SC he still keep on insisting for further investigation on the Rafale row. If we assume that even this repeating of falsehood works then what kind of situation & circumstances that we would be living onto? Think!

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    There were around 50 lakh women in Women's Wall moment which was basically a protest against Patriarchy. First of all, well done and more power to them.

    Now coming to the misogynistic statements in this thread, you have to really birdbrained or a big liar to say that all of those women were either Atheist or from the minority community. Even a cursory glance shows those women wearing symbols of Hindu faith. I believe the latter is the case or probably even both.

    Those who like to call others Anti-National, they are the biggest hypocrites that I have encountered in so many years. They put their religion ahead of the constitution and are ready to go against the ruling of the Supreme Court by illegal means. This clearly shows their disrespect towards the constitution and the ethos on which Indian democracy survives. If anyone is trying to create discord in our country, it is these people who have no respect for the ruling of the court and want to take law in their own hands when rulings go against their bigoted beliefs.

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    5 lakh women protestors have been magically converted to 50 lakhs. Never mind! It is a matter of one zero only. Only a few days ago, a much bigger number of women protested against the terrible Kerala Communist Government's activity. The left-leaning media, as usual, forgot to report this.

    The Pinaryi Vijayan Government, by its activity of ridiculing Hinduism, is doing a great service of unifying the Hindus, irrespective of gender and caste.

    The time of playing with Hindu sentiments is over. The time of belittling Hindus and glorifying the followers of other religions will not go unchallenged. The hypocrites must understand this very clearly.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Lies and more lies. The number of women reported was between 30-50 lakh.

    The moment was not religious. It was against Patriarchy, not specifically targeted towards a single issue. That is why you will see even a few Muslim women participating in it.

    It is only a small extremist wing of Hindus which is opposing the good changes and is feeling marginalized despite having most of the privileges. Sadly, the extremists only are the loudest.

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    A member has made a personal derogatory remark and name calling against me in the response No 656090 which I found highly objectionable and against the Forum posting guidelines. I think, the guy may be a new member and may not be knowing the forum guidelines regarding personal attacks. I reiterate that each thread and forum posts are at own legal responsibility.
    I request ME/Editors to remove the objectionable content immediately and advise the member not to repeat in future.

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    @Neeraj, point noted.
    Now, what are we discussing? Modi's silence or the Woman Wall? Members are requested to be specific to the content of the thread.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Mr. Neeraj: Certain people think themselves as great intellectuals and feel they have the right to insult others. Just ignore them as non-entitities. Let us come back to the discussion.

    Mr. Modi has already expressed his pain over the attitude of the partisan State Government. The Vijayan Government has forgotten their duty to re-build the state after the devastating flood and is trying to force the regressive ideology of Communism on the common people of Kerala. The Communists are slowly but surely moving towards oblivion.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    How women are getting power by forcing them to stand in a line on Highway across North to South under scorching Sun one day?
    The poor women lost one day salary. I do not know whether they will be compensated.
    Practically speaking, these women should get power from the administrators thereby organizers of the event. One of the organizers of the event is a rape accused and all the ruling communists are protecting him. Then how we can expect justice from them?
    Once Gods own Country, the condition of Kerala is horrible now. Yesterday, KSRTC buses were damaged worth 3.5 Crores. People are divided on communal lines. No development taking place anywhere. Whatever development taken place in Kerala is in the Congress regime only.BJP is nil there. In the name of women's equality/temple raw/Supreme court verdict, the Communists are trying to score politically by inciting people and lost control on administration. Total anarchy.
    Let God save Kerala.

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    Communists want total anarchy, lawlessness and absence of development. Example: West Bengal, Tripura and Naxal-affected areas of Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. They do their level best to stop development. Kerala is also witnessing the same.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha and Neeraj, can we bring in the 'Aiyyappa Jyothi' parade into this thread? Were not women and children paraded then too? Let us have a real, logical and factual discussion without being politically motivated.
    And that apart, why did Shri Modi choose to be silent about the Sabarimala women entry till now? Have the 'Woman Wall' activated his thought process or is it the Muthalaq bill? I think that is the pertinent question here.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    What should the Prime Minister do? I personally feel that the Prime Minister must kick out the present State Government of Kerala due to its mishandling of law & order situation. But I also know that he will decide as per his own feedback and prudence and not on the basis of my comment.

    You should not think yourself powerful enough to dictate what the Prime Minister should do.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I am not much aware about Ayyapa Jyoti procession. Speaking about women participating in procession/rally etc,the word "parading' is objectionable, I feel. Voluntary participation by women in procession to protect the faith they believe in is justifiable.
    We don't want the so called women equality by murdering people, by denigrating faith and by damaging public property. You are asking a rape accused to protect a woman.A section of the people is feeling the Temple lost its sanctity and another section of the people distributing sweets for the same statement. What a horrible situation?
    Why the Government not able to see the people as a whole?
    I fully agree with Mr Partha that the law and order is a complete failure in Kerala and these communists should be kicked out from the power at the earliest.

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    Neeraj, 'parading' is not an objectionable word. Whether it be the Aiyyapa Jyothi (about which you are not aware) or the Women Wall, women have been used.

    Partha, I agree that the law and order situation in Kerala has worsened and the attitude of the present government is questionable. But who is responsible is a pertinent question that needs to be answered.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    It is very sad that Anand Sir has drawn my attention to the great observation of the PM. Sir, making an observation is not equivalent to breaking silence. He is the PM of India.

    He needs to discipline his partymen and ask them to not only shut up but also desist from resorting to violence. Sir, I can never buy your argument that Modi has done everything right.

    Do you know that EPF figures which are actually those of people on contract are shown as increase in employment? How ridiculous is that?

    Now, how many new jobs were created Sir? Please do your research. I have data on hand. The regular jobs have all gone. Now, more importantly GST for every damn thing. Why the hell should my daughter pay GST for a course that costs Rs78000? Why the he'll should 18 percent GST be collected? There was none during the UPA regime.

    Sir, who brought in economic reforms? How can you deny that the 4 crore jobs through IT was largely a product of the superb policies of Mr Narasimha Rao? What is great Modi s achievement Sir? Do you know how much havoc has been done to millions kwho were anyway earning less than Rs20000 through agriculture? What is his record on demonitization?

    Yes, the PM is not corrupt. My thread was very specific. Why should Mr Anand talk about other issues? Trying to project the Congress as the main villain and the great Mr Modi as a sort of Jesus Christ is ridiculous to say the least.

    Come to the subject. Kerala violence has been attributed to the BJP. Is this fine for you Anand Sir? Just because Mr Modi is not corrupt it does not mean he is a saint. He is just another politician. Why do we still recall the late Vajpayee? He was a far more superb PM. He never allowed Jayalalitha to have her imperious ways in the national interest. Answer this question, Mr Anand. Who is better Mr Vajpayee or Modi? My answer is simple. Modi is a big zero when compared to Vajpayee. Rafale deal should be taken up in another thread.

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    It is also ridiculous to call all the women who formed the human chain in Kerala as atheists. They were Hindus. Mr Anand and many others do not seem to be knowing ground realities. The BJP is a big zero in Kerala. All this horrible violence is needless. It is trying to make a mark in A State with the highest literacy rate.

    Gimmicks cannot work in Kerala. It is not another UP.

    Anand Sir, Please do not defend the most horrible politics of BJP in Kerala. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in India. The PM should order his partymen to remain silent till the revision petitions are disposed off. At this rate, BJP cannot win a single seat in the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

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    Sivakumar, can we stick on to the thread content? Let us do so, please. Being the author of the thread, do be responsible.
    And who is the Anand you are referring to?

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Kindly refer to the response of Mr Vedprakash Anand. He had brought in issues I did not raise. Please do read his response.

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