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    Are you using the spices to make the dish tastier?

    Using appropriate and special words is like adding the correct spices to a curry. A curry becomes unique and tastier when the spices and other ingredients are balanced and to the taste of the person sitting at the table. Let us give it a try while posting at ISC!

    "How tasty was the dish"? You can expect this question from any foodie if you discuss something related to a new restaurant or food. For them, food plays a significant role in their lives. They can easily tell you the ingredients of a dish after tasting it. If they go to a new place, they look for the famous restaurants in the area in search of that special dish. They have a similarity with the voracious readers. The readers also look for books, books related to different topics.

    You know writing is also like cooking. The main ingredient of any writing is the topic. Now, to spice up the topic we choose different words. Selection of words plays an important role in the whole write-up. The more exact the words related to the topic, the more delicious it is. For example, to define the quality of a singer's voice we use the term 'melodious voice'. This can be denoted by 'good voice' but using 'melodious voice' will certainly enhance the quality. Therefore, just like spices in cooking, we can spice up the writings by carefully choosing the appropriate words.
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    Spices add flavour to the dishes. They enhance and add value to them and increase their acceptance by our palate.

    Similarly idioms, phrases and rhythmic words make the creative writing more effective.

    Spicing up helps in every sphere. Even the ambiance of a room or lobby can be greatly enhanced by suitable selection of wall hangings and other show pieces. Theme of a decoration is nothing but spicing up only.

    The motivating speech makers or religious preachers spice up their talks with jokes and other amusing fillers.

    Without spicing up things will remain dull and simple and majority of us will not be impressed by them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Likings differ. Some people may not like spices. They may like without spices also. As a vegetarian, I never look for food with spices. This is my view as far as food is concerned.
    Coming to the writing part, I am in agreement with the views of the author 100%. Using apt word will make the reader understand the subject correctly. So as far as possible we should be using more appropriate words to convey what we want to convey.
    But this depends more on the writer's subject knowledge and vocabulary. As we go on reading and writing continue we will get more knowledge and grip on the subject which will make us use the precise words. One should read more and understand the words so that he can improve his writing skills.

    always confident

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    Using apt words and correct spellings is indeed that makes what you write interesting. The author has rightly said that words are like spices; you need to balance it so that it is palatable, the way you can consume.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Such a wonderful thread. Yes, just like spices add flavor to the dishes, similarly the way we are presenting our write up matters a lot. The choice of words and the formation of sentences has to be done sensibly and correctly. So that the reader understands as well as enjoys the write-up.
    Do what inspires you !!

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