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    Failures are not the end of world

    Failures often lead us to think that we are worthless; there is no place for us in society and all our efforts are just waste. We began to believe more on luck than hard work becomes a pessimist. It seems like is the world is falling apart and what is left it doesn't have any place left for us.
    Especially in case of today's youth when everything has become so competitive this feeling has become 10 times. But we should never forget this is the period of struggle. This is a period when we are pressurised by nature just like the coal is put into the pressure until it becomes diamond. This is the period when we are getting burned just the way gold is melted until it takes perfect shape to be a jewel.
    The most negative and unimaginable thoughts come to us in the period of failure. Failure makes a very small insignificant problem huge and difficult to solve.
    Every time we face such moments in our life we should make our mind believe it is not the end of the world. And repeat in our mind it is not the end for me I will rise just like a phoenix.
    Although Phoenix, is mythical, still its legend becomes true for those who believe in themselves. Believe and confidence is the key to unlock the doors of positivity and a new world of opportunities which we often able to see once the curtains of negativity fall from our eyes.
    Every failure should be taken as not the end of the world but step towards the beginning of the new world of opportunities.
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    Failures are a setback in our life but we should not feel discouraged and demotivated by them.

    We have to learn from our failures and start our struggle again to achieve the results.

    Many successful people today have a history of chain of failures. Some of the top business magnates in the world are school dropouts.

    So let us not take the failures as an end of the world and as the author of the thread has rightly pointed out it is the start of a new journey with new vigour and spirit.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Failures are the stepping stones for success, is what the saying tells. But we should not aim for failure. We should work to our maximum ability to be successful. Even then sometimes failures are inevitable. We should not sit on that failure and go on worrying. We should learn a lesson from this failure. We should use this failure as a chance to understand the mistakes we are committing and we should see that the same mistakes will not be committed again and again.
    When we have a failure and if we think it is the end of the world, we will be lost in our life. We should try further in a more accurate and precise way so that we will be successful. We know that invent a new thing will never be in a single attempt. We may have to give a number of attempts.
    A good submission by the author.

    always confident

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