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    Freebies are no answer to poverty

    The Tamil Nadu Government should be held responsible for an irresponsible announcement.

    Every ration card holder is not poor. The move to give Rs.1000 to every single ration card holder is only a trick being played out by the ruling party to cover up its record of corruption.

    There should be a choice. For example, only some sugar is given to white card holders who earn more than some specified amount of income every month. This is just in order. These ration card holders should have the option of saying no to the freebie. The cumulative amount saved should be distributed to the BOP families.

    In particular, this amount can be accumulated and given in the form of relief material to the Tiruvarur district people affected by the Gaja cyclone. There is a by-election already announced and the model code of conduct is in force.

    On my part, am ready to surrender the amount that would come to me. I hold a ration card of the white variety.
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    Already a thread is active on the section for which the link on the similar subject.
    How long these free Sops will continue?
    I feel the author might have posted this matter as a response to this thread.
    Anyhow, I feel these free sops are not the answer for any of these problems.

    always confident

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    Sorry. i did not read the posts at all. If had done so, I would have refrained from raising this thread.

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    I think the millennial generation is brainwashed by the communists. And they expect that giving special freebies to genders, caste will change the world. In reality it has not changed anything at all. It is surely a more or less issues considering the poor handicap mentality is raised in the millenial generation that believes in having things quickly. I think poverty is both mindset and situation put on people. It depends on how people deal with it. The way the millennial is looking at solving this is wrong.

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    I also feel that there should not be any free lunch in this world. Freebies are used by the ruling party to appease the common masses. It is not a healthy thing.

    The better way is to generate employment opportunity or some constructive work like road building or irrigation canals in the villages and pay people some money for their labour. That will bring the progress and feeling of contributing in the minds of lower class. There are many ways to compensate the underprivileged in a systematic manner rather then shower them with freebies.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the author that the freebies should not be given in the haphazard way as happening today in our system.

    The sops or subsidies discourage people to work hard. Any scholarship or aid should be based on merit and not on some arbitrary basis.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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