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    Let aberrations always remain just that

    What we see and hear in the wider society around us is at times very horrible. A college girl near Chennai murdered her own mother, with her Facebook lover and three of his accomplices. Reason? The mother objected to her "love".

    The rapes have become so common that we have lost count. However, let these aberrations remain what they are. We need to be very careful with our daughters. Let every one of our relatives or neighbours tease us, as some do, that we are "conservative".

    If we do take care of our daughters well, we can rest assured that we will be somewhat safer. Similarly, when can enable counselling to any deviant behaviour of any adult in time, such tragedies can be avoided.

    What do members think of the role of counselling in this regard?
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    Very true. Where this society is travelling is not known to us. There is no fear of elders. There is no value to the elder people. No value to God or no fear of God. More getting addicted to social media and learning all unwanted habits and points. These days we hear many rape cases. Even then we are not seeing any fear in the girls. When I say this there may be many objections from many people. They will ask why they should have fear. My only submission is our safety is to be well guarded by us only. If you are hurt you will feel the pain. Later on, the culprit may be punished. But already you suffered a lot. Who can compensate? We take precautions for our health. In the same way, I think one should take precautions for their safety. There are two ways to it. Save yourself by hitting the culprit before the culprit does any damage to you. The second one is to protect yourself by avoiding the culprits. One can choose any one of the two.
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    It is all right to take the care of a girl child by the elders in the family. Prevention is always better than cure.

    The question which comes in my mind now is that- is that the only way to take safety of a child. Why we can not evolve in a society of good citizens where such offences do not take place. Why the culture can not be influenced and infused with good thoughts in the mind of the defaulters.

    Let us think of a long time solution of the problem rather than going for an individual safety net.

    Knowledge is power.

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