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    Reading books only, make you smart. I agree, do you?

    I always believed that reading books makes someone a complete man but I was wrong as per my opinion now, books are a source of knowledge but that is not the only thing required to be a complete person. Although knowledge is power and it enhances our IQ.

    To become smart, one requires something else too. You don't need a high IQ to become smart in life. Self-discipline and patience are the two main things which allow you to be able to learn things fast and reading books is a step in that direction.

    I know many people in my social circle who were bookish sort of people and are not that much smarter than the people who were not, in practical situations.

    What's your opinion about it?.
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    Book reading and acquiring knowledge is important for a person. But they are not the only requirement to be smart. General Knowledge and common sense are very important for a person to be smart.
    One of my friend's son was very intelligent. He always used to read books and he had very good subject knowledge. Due to some reason when he was in 2nd-year degree, he couldn't write one subject in the final examination. So he has to write in the September chance. He has paid the required fee through a challan in the bank and sent his application. He has written the examination. After final year examination, his result was kept in withheld. My friend is confused. I was at the university those days. He came to me and told me the issue. I have taken him to my friend who is in the Examination department. He verified and told that he has not paid the examination fee for the supplementary examination. His father asked the son. He said that he has paid and showing the challan that was kept with him. He was not aware that the copy of the challan is to be attached to his application and he was under the impression that bank will inform the university about the payment.
    This will show how book reading and knowledge acquiring is different from having general knowledge to be smart.

    always confident

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    Reading books make a person wise and knowledgeable, there is no doubt about that but practical knowledge is also required to get success and to survive in this world.

    Bookish knowledge is theoretical. It tells us the rules, regulations, procedures, manners and what not. Using those things skilfully in one's life is an art which comes with practical experience and then only a person becomes smart.

    Knowledge is of no use if one can not convert it in one's benefits whether tangible or intangible.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Our spiritual Guru used to tell that no cooking book solve the hungry of one by mere reading and only by reading one should prepare food and eat the hungry will quashed. Similarly though reading books enrich knowledge only if we live according to our reading only our habits and activities flourish with well manners.

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    Reading books are always welcome. It adds to one's knowledge and power. Society gives much respect to such persons. The individual will feel more confident when chatting with others. In discussions such persons will get special attention.
    Those who read well will be able to write well too. Even without any preparation such people can write an essay and also make an extempore speech. Of course, when we say reading books, one should select good books which are worth reading and which add to one's knowledge.


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    I want to add that books are the best friend of a person. You can learn a lot from them. They are a treasure house of human emotions, capabilities, social stigmas, actions, historical accounts etc and merely reading the books is a great source for enrichment of one's knowledge.

    Now a days people are busy in the internet and are not able to give time for reading the books and due to the technological advancements for hand held gadgets and internet speeds, the books are going to the back burner.

    So in the present scenario many people are reading the materials in the internet itself and the earlier notion of reading the printed books and acquiring knowledge is drastically metamorphosed.

    The irony is that the focusing and concentration which people had with books is now not there as people surfing in the internet many times deviate from their search to something very different and are distracted to other indulgences.

    In this respect the online mode of acquiring knowledge is not everyone's cup of tea as it will waste a lot of time even in searching a particular information. So it does not make a person smarter than the normal book reading mode.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I don't know whether reading books can make one smart, or not. But definitely it is the best friend to many like me.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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