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    A query regarding forums.

    I work on ISC through my mobile phone and I have observed that when I try to edit the thread started by me I am not able to do that whereas there is an edit button under my name. Is there any other method by which I can do it?
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    Many times on mobile this edit button will not work. Very rarely works. This is observed many times. Even on Ipad also sometimes this edit button will not work. But on desktop and laptop, it will work always. The screen what we see on mobile is also not full screen. We can't see the top performers on the side on mobile but we can see it only on laptop or desktop.
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    Also, there is a problem I cannot read the first response on any thread as an advertisement pops up on to it every time which can't be closed. Is there any other way to read the response?.

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    I have faced a problem many a time while working on ISC on my mobile. Sometimes a few links do not open on mobile, but it's not the case with PC. I wonder why but even after trying for quite a number of time, it does not work.

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    Mobile phones are still not comparable to the laptops in these respects and have many deficiencies varying from site to site and the mobile model.

    So we have to take help of laptop when we are composing some serious matter where editing is frequently required.

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    The query has been put up to the Admin. Please wait for a response.
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    I am also facing the same problem, I unable to edit the forum response in my iPhone and I am also unable to read the first response of the forum thread as an advertisement always pops up there.

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    We have a few issues on editing from mobile and have taken the help of a designer to make some changes. It may take some time but be assured that we will get this done.
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    Tony: Also the issue of the advertisement takes place of the first response on every thread and makes it impossible to read, should be taken up.

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    It is really very difficult to post long responses, Forum posts and answering questions from mobile phones. Further, there are technical difficulties. So, it is always advisable to work from computer/laptop.
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    Partha, I have never used any laptop or desktop while doing ISC as my desktop is in the breakdown for many months. I don't find any difficulty except the two I mentioned here.

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    I talked to the admins, they have noted the issue of first response getting hidden by advertisement. I am also facing this problem

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    Even I had faced the same issue of first response getting hidden by ads on my phone, till I found a way to avoid it.
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    I am also facing difficulty in editing and I have to ask sometimes the laptop of family members which I can only get on sunday or holiday. I have found another solution that instead of writing in the ISC site first write in memo or text editor and then after editing etc copy to the ISC site. I am comfortable with that.
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