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    China's air craft on the dark side of moon.

    The United States, Russia when it was the Soviet Union and China have sent spacecraft to the side of the moon that faces the Earth. But for the first time in the history yesterday the China's spacecraft landed on the other side of the moon which we can't see from the earth. That side has been observed many times from lunar orbit, but never up close. That way China stands ahead of the other two nations in their space exploration.
    Exploring the universe from the far side of the moon will help scientists to learn more about the early days of the solar system. It may help them to study the birth of the universe's first stars.
    Really a good going and the scientists concerned should be congratulated for this achievement.
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    I also went through this item in the news and took a note of it. What I could not make out is how the study of other side is going to help in the scientific studies. I understand that due to the relative motion of Earth and Moon and their individual spins this is happening that we are only seeing a particular side from here.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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