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    Compare our five fingers with Pandavas of Mahabharata

    We have five fingers, the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. They are different in size, shape and strength. Their use also varies, but they work in cooperation. Similarly, the Pandavas of Mahabharata are five. They are different in size, character and strength but they always remain and work together. Now, can you compare the Pandavas with our five fingers, as to which finger matches with whom and why?
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    Yes. We can do that. All five Pandavas worked collectively always like five fingers of our hand. I will comper thumb with Bhima. Bhima is the strongest fellow among the five and he played a very important role in Kurukshetra. In our five fingers, the thumb is the strong one and it is very useful for doing various activities. Middle finger will be Arjuna as he is the 3rd person either from oldest or from youngest. Similarly our middle finger also the same.
    Index finger can be compared to Dharmaraja. He is always the person who is showing the way and the path to the remaining Pandavas.
    Nakula will be the ring finger and Sahadeva will be the little finger.
    All five Pandavas are unique in their skills and they have their own speciality. The same way all the fingers are unique for their usage.

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    Then a natural question will be what will represent Panchali ? Pandavar cannot leave back Panchali when they move around.

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    TM Sankaran,
    It is the Palm that is our Paanchaali that holds the five fingers that are Pandavas.

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    Ha ha ha, it's going to be an interesting comparison. Dr Rao has already compared the five brothers with five fingers and they are so interrelated. Have you noticed something interesting? Keep your palm open. Try to touch the palm with each finger. You will find only the thumb can touch the palm independently. All the other four will somehow influence one another while touching the palm individually.

    Now if you try to compare, you will find only one, the thumb is independent. In Mahabharata, all of the five brothers were independent on their own way but acted in a very coordinated manner. In the case of dependency, there is a mismatch otherwise by character and nature they can be comparable.


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