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    Our life is a Gift of God

    Our life is a gift of God. We will be having ups and downs. We should not try to run away from this thinking that the present difficulties will be there forever and that is the end of the world. This has been proved time and again. A small story narrated below will prove the same concept.

    The Story:

    Mohan dropped the passengers and proceeding to his house in his cab. It is already half an hour fast ten in the night. He is rushing through as his wife will be waiting for him.

    Just while he is passing by the road on the side of the river he noticed a lady with a kid on the bank of the river. He suspected something wrong. He stopped the vehicle and quickly caught hold of the lady and stopped her from jumping into the lake.

    The lady started weeping. She told him that she lost her husband. All her attempts to live are not giving any fruitful results. The cruel world is started humiliating her and there is no way to make her living except suicide. Mohan consoled her by telling that in our lives we may be facing many difficulties and we should think it is not the end of the world. We should face the difficulties bravely and should find ways and means to come out of those problems. Mohan offered help to her and taken her to his house. He explained the whole episode to his wife. She has also consoled her and asked her not to worry.

    With their help, she learned driving and purchased a cab with a bank loan and started making her life happily. She appreciated the kindness of Mohan and his wife. She is very thankful to Mohan for teaching her the importance of life. Now she can face any difficulty without thinking that as the end of the world.

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    Topic based TOW contest for December '18- topic- It's not the end of the world!
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    Nice story. Yes, we should never give up in life. Ups and downs come in life and we should fight with them rather giving up.

    It's because of Mohan and his wife's support by which this lady could stand up in life to an extent that she could take care of her and her child financially but that's true it's very rare that we find people like Mohan and his wife in real life. It's not easy help people without any lust.


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    A nice story depicting the good side of human beings. Helping others in time of distress is a great act of kindness. It becomes a life turning thing for the person being helped.
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    An excellent story. Mohan was ultimately able to convince the distressed lady that suicide was not the solution. Death of a person, however near and dear he/she might be, is not the end of the road.
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    A nice story by the author about the kind hearted act of a cab driver.

    Sad and traumatic events take place in the life but it does not mean that we should remain in their shadow only throughout our lives. Life is a long journey and inspite of the viscissitudes of this journey we should forget the past and focus for our present and the future. That is the real courage that we have to have in our life if we want to overcome the affect of setbacks in our lives.

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    You have presented a very important message through the story. If there is life then only one can shut the mouth of the wrong people through dedication and hard work. Nothing comes easy and quick, so patience is a must. At first, one has to learn how to ignore the words of the wrong kind of people but carry on his /her work. He or she will be definitely blessed one day. Sir, you have presented the story very nicely by highlighting the importance of life.

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