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    What is the basis of point system in the forum section?

    I have started this thread to learn about the point system followed in the forum section. The ongoing GD which is based upon the topic Jai Hind and so on has raised a query in my mind.

    I am actively participating in the GD. What I noticed is that although I am writing a long post and they are not even repetitive, still, the point alotted to me is lesser than the earlier post.

    I am not able to understand the point scheme so it would be great if someone could explain the same. I am not questioning the system, it is only for my knowledge that I have started the thread.
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    Generally the points for the post are automatically allotted by the system in a 0 to 5 scale. They can subsequently change also once they are scrutinised by the editors.

    The 0 to 5 scale is very basic and mainly related to the length of the post. I understand that to discourage unnecessary long posts the points are capped at 5.

    The automated system seems to be working with some logic as a rubbish or meaningless post gets 0 points. I am yet to understand exactly how does it work in assigning a 0 score.

    So, I think let us not bother for the points which are shown by the system immediately on our submission of the post but wait for the real assessment by the editors which will be known to us at a later time only.

    I am seeing it happening regularly with my answers in Ask Experts section where I am getting some points immediately but they are invariably changing after some time when the concerned editor has assessed it. Initially I am getting some points (0 to 5) as per the length of my answers but later they are drastically changed (0 to 12 or even more) depending on the quality of my answers.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you Umesh Sir for such a detailed explanation. I was unable to understand and really got confused that why I am getting less point whereas, a few are getting 5 points for every post. Now, my doubt is cleared. Thanks again.

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    Shampa, the point system is a bit different when it comes to Active GD. You won't be getting points as in other responses when you are an active participant in a GD due to the number of responses that you would be posting and also the fact that your efforts will be to substantiate your views.
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    @Saji Ganesh Thank you very much for explaining the point system in GD. It really confused me at one point but now, I could understand it.

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