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    Life after the divorce

    A happy marital life is what many people aspire for. A family where you come back from your work and take solace with your spouse and the children. Everyone dreams of that situation.

    People marry and settle in with their partners but due to some serious differences start to feel that they can not live together and have to separate out. Children are the biggest bone of contention in such cases as each of them wants to possess the children.

    When the separation is with the mutual consent and understanding then the aftermath is not so tortuous but in one sided cases, one of the partner suffers from the agony of separation and feels as if that is the end of the world for him.

    These people may require counselling and advices to come back to the normal life but it takes time for them as they are haunted by the pleasurable memories of their spouse and the children.

    These sentimental sufferers definitely require psychological counselling to bring them in the normal groove of the life so that they do not tend towards destructive and negative things in life.

    They have to understand that life does not end simply by some sad or unfortunate event. Life is a long journey and one has to accept the setbacks and do efforts for a new beginning. In today's world it is is not difficult to search a like minded person as a companion for the life. There are many divorcees who have again married with the person of their choice and are leading a happy life again.

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    Good post. Divorce is never good for both the partners. After marriage, it is better to understand each other get along. If one is serious the other one should try to passivate him. That is always better.
    If it is inevitable, one should plan their life after divorce in a way where there will forget the past and have a happy life.
    If the divorce is forced on somebody it will be very bitter for that person. He/She will suffer a lot and requires a lot of energy and power to withstand that agony. As suggested by the author counselling and mentoring may bring some change in the attitude of the person and may start living in a normal way.

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    Life after the divorce. The life of a woman would be worst and horrible than a man in this male-dominated society. A man might marry and divorce as many as he can. The society would support him. Whereas a woman cannot. The society would think differently and look at a divorced woman with evil eyes. Further, if the woman was unemployed, she will have to undergo a tough life. If she has children and got divorced, her life would be more and more tough to survive. Her own family members may not accept her. However, an employed woman can still survive with some peace of mind.
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    An excellent thread which is becoming more and more relevant in present society. The number of divorce cases is increasing over the years and many of the affected couples definitely require serious counseling from psychologists and solid support from the family members and genuine well-wishers.
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    The author has brought out the reality nicely in this thread. In the case of divorces, the worst sufferer is the child. A happily married couple would never think of divorce and only when serious differences crop up in their lives they think of separation. Though divorce does not mean the end of the world to either of the partners, the mental agony may stay for a long time if it is not handled carefully.

    As Mr Sun has rightly pointed out that it becomes really difficult for an unemployed woman to manage things after divorce. Nowadays, more and more women have started to work and becoming economically independent, so for those women things will be less difficult. For the rest who are unable to cope with the pain of divorce, counselling is a must and with proper counselling and support from friends and relatives they can lead a normal life.


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    It takes time to do the adjustments after marriage because after marriage one has to take up the responsibility of the family which is not an easy task for both the persons.

    One has to compromise and sacrifice a lot to make the married life successful. Trust on your partner and understanding are also required in marriage. Once the trust is broken the relationship become bitter. Certainly, if tge things go wrong for a long time then it's better to go for divorce instead of carrying the relationship. That's true life is not easy after the divorce when it's not done with mutual consent.

    But that's not the end of the world. One may start life again by remarrying with the partner of your choice. One has to accept the reality and should learn to adjust in life


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    Now a days such separations are common and naturally one should not remain in the shadow of such sad incidents and instead plan one's life afresh.

    These setbacks are sometimes shattering and affect the sentimental people much but we must control our feelings and tie up the remaining knots in our life and courageously look forward to a new beginning.

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    A very nice post. Life after marriage is a mutual agreement between both the partners. Both of them needs to cooperate and support each other to live happily ever after. But in some cases, when they are not able to manage their situations, timings etc, the fights happen, which often leads to separation.
    The pain of separation is hard to bear, either for both or for one of them, which makes their life much difficult to survive. So, they must try and move on and think that a divorce is not the end of their life.
    They have full rights to do what they want in their life. Those people must be counseled to live their life happily, so they can re-marry the person with whom they want.

    They should be guided so, they can work on their aspirations and career. They should be taught that hope is the way to a satisfactory life.

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    The life lived after a decision to divorce won't be interesting. Any counseling won't do good to the partners. The bitterness of divorce feeling cannot be erased to make the life beautiful. Bitterness will prevail. Of course, the couple may act to satisfy the elders but in reality, they will lead an unsatisfactory life until death.

    Counseling the couple for a reunion is like joining a broken hard stone. It would be a temporary attachment of two broken pieces of two hearts. It may break again at any time.

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    I know a few men and women both who got divorced due to various complications in life. In India, there are many cases where women file fake domestic violence case and try to ruin the lives of their husband. Mutual divorce is always respectable but where either of the sides decides to harass the partner before taking divorce makes the life unbearable.
    To cope up the pressure the concerned persons need motivation, a strong mind and a will to fight for the right. In the present age, there are women who are extremely cunning and just love their personal space. They dislike in-laws and the whole problem crop up from there only. I believe men and women both who are genuine from heart are great sufferers who need lot of love, care and understanding from their own people which will give them the assurance that it's not the end of the world.


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