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    We should serve others like a lamp

    Our life is very short as we do not aware the last minute. We should live as an example to others. Our activities should be as of followed by others. We should serve others to our possible extent. We should do our duty promptly without expecting benefits.
    Once famous Hindi writer PREM Chand was asked by his wife to take rest from his writing as he fell sick. He replied," A writer should work as a lamp,without rest as a lamp is giving light till last minute without minding others. A thief as well Policeman benefited through a light but the light is not minding about it".
    Similarly we should spare our times in helping others.
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    A very nice posting by the author. A light will give lighting to others to see around and enjoy. But it will Be losing its life. Even then it will never bother. But really a person can't be like that. He has to work for him and for his family. Then only he will think about others. It is very difficult to find a person who never bothers about himself and go on helping others. Very rarely we will find such people. Mother Teresa is an example for such person. She served the mankind without never thinking about her welfare. But one should always help others when they need our help and at least we can offer food to a hungry person who comes to you ask you for food. No one should hesitate to help others to the maximum extent possible.
    My grand father was an example for this. He used to offer free medicines in the village to the people who are not well. He never took even a single rupee from anybody against the medicines he was giving to needy.

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    Yes, we should be like that. But it's rare to find such people who help others without any benefits. It's hard to do that as it's against human nature. I have tried it many times but have failed to do it every time.

    Still, people should try their best that they should not expect much from people in return of the help or support they do to others.


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    The light removes darkness and yes we can become the guiding light to others. In terms of lives, darkness not only means the absence of light but also signifies a situation where there is no hope. It's the responsibility of a person to help her/his fellow being in distress and that's what humanity is all about.

    The author has rightly pointed out that rather than preaching, we should lead by example. We can learn from everywhere and from almost everything. It depends on whether we are willing to learn or not. We all have a responsibility towards the others. We can progress only through cooperation, without which we will be all alone.


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    Helping others does not mean only materialistic or financial help. It could be in the form of guiding, teaching or motivating a person for getting the desired results in life.

    As a human being we are supposed to help others in whatever capacities we have. Even a teacher teaching his disciples with hard work and dedicated efforts is helping them. An official in important office can help the people who have come for some administrative or other matter so that their work is done quickly and smoothly.

    Even an employee at odd places can make his customers comfortable by guiding them properly.

    So all these people are helping each other in one way or other and definitely with this mentality society will become a heavenly place and the author's mention of helping others will be realised in a wider sense.

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