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    God had thought something good for Anita.

    This is a story a girl named Anita. Her family was poor as her father had no job and her mother used to be a daily wage worker. She had three more sisters. Therefore it was difficult for her parents to give them enough facilities. Even they were not able to send them to school. Anita's parents due to their poverty decided to marry her as she was now of 18 years. They searched a boy who had an average salaried job and own house in Delhi.

    She was married soon and came to Delhi from a village of UP. She was happy in her married life. Her mother in law was like her own mother who was very caring and loving. Days were passing quickly and she became the mother of two kids. Suddenly one day her husband fell sick. He was hospitalised and doctors could not understand from what disease he was suffering from. His condition was getting worse day by day and in a few days, he died.

    Anita was broken and didn't know how life will go on as her two kids were very small at that time. Her elder son was of 2 years and the younger one was of 6 months.

    She was worried thinking what will be the future of her kids. At that time her mother in law said it's not the end of the world, God will surely help you. Suddenly someone knocks on the door. When she opened the door, there was a person from her husband's office and he informed that owner of the company has offered her a job on her husband's place.

    It was good news for her. She accepted the proposal and went to the office the next day. Since then she has been working with this organisation and her sons were able to get a good education due to her job only and are working in good organisations now.

    Now when she thinks of the past she remembered of her mother in law's words "it's not the end of the world " which motivated her in life.

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    A good story. Definitely, God will see that a new door will open if one door is getting closed. One should not lose his heart because of the difficulties. For every problem, there will be a solution. Only thing is we should search for it without getting disheartened. Anita's mother-in-law is really a good personality and she brought courage in Anita and God in the form of the employer of her husband came forward and helped her by giving a job. This action has solved all her problems and she had a good life. The author attempted a good story and narrated the story very well and my appreciations to him.
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    It is always true that when one door closes, the other one opens so we need not lack hope. Everything happens at its own time so we should wait for the right time, but that does not mean we should not put in our own effort. Effortless time will never fulfil our desires but grabbing the right opportunity and utilise it with tremendous effort makes everything smooth. No one has control over life and death because that's not in our hands, but we can always try to work out something for ourselves and dear ones. The harsh reality is well presented by the author.

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    One must be hopeful and patient in one's life and should not be lost in the aftermath of a setback. Life is a long journey and there are many opportunities waiting for us. Only thing is we must awaken ourselves to the offers it is making to us and with enthusiasm and hard work try to grab them for our well being.

    The ups and downs in the life are inevitable and everyone experiences them. It is always better to forget the past and to carve out a new path for oneself.

    Knowledge is power.

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