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    The oppressed need our full support

    When civility is trying to find out the survival strategy, you have a few options left. Yes, only a few. Either help civility to survive or let it become extinct. Now when you are to make a choice you will make it in such a way that suits you. Actually, everybody does it. After all who cares for the things around them or the world? Only a lucky few! I mean the rest of us think those fellows lucky who care for others. When everybody is finding it tough to manage things in their own lives, of course they will be thinking of their own survival first and after that if possible, they will think of others. Therefore a question can always pop up in your mind since most of us are only thinking of ourselves. Yes, you guessed it correct. I am also thinking of how long the world would survive when most of us are thinking only about ourselves. Are there enough people around to think of the whole world?

    Yes, but less in numbers. Scientists are busy to mitigate all the threat perceptions of the earth. The threats from natural calamities, threats from the environment and threats from bacteria & virus can be reduced to a certain extent by enforcing scientific ways. But what about the military and political threats? When someone behaves aggressively with the others do we have the only option to bring them to the negotiation table to sort out their differences? A nation becomes powerful if its military and economic capabilities are stronger. While everybody is thinking of developing their capabilities, the lesser capable feel threatened.

    In many cases, aggression develops with strength. It's a human tendency, though there are people who can control it. When it cannot be controlled, the mightier turns aggressor and try to dominate others with full strength. The oppressed feels threatened and for them, it's the end of the world. We have a great role to play to help the oppressed. Playing the role of a mediator is comparatively easy rather than provide enough strength to the oppressed. For those who think the end is near, mere talking is not enough. We have to give them the required strength so that the aggressor becomes neutral. The weak and the downtrodden need our support. The support to survive, the support to fight back. They need that support through which they can think that it's not the end of the world.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest.
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    A good thought. Really oppressed need support. When one is really in necessity we should support him to the maximum extent possible. We will take care of ourselves and our family members. It is natural. But in addition to that to the possible extent, we should extend our helping hand to the needy. As a human being, it is our minimum duty.
    But the question is how many are doing this? The author has made a good attempt in bringing out the need of helping the needy.

    always confident

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