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    Keep saying to yourself – It’s not the end of the world

    In life, we often get entangled into stereotypes and preconceived goals. We develop a fix rigid aim in life as far as our financial, professional, academics and personal and family-related milestones are concerned and work towards achieving them. But life is highly unpredictable, and circumstances are not under our control. What if we are not able to get what we aimed at in different fronts of life? This is the time when we feel that we have been unfortunate to not able to reach our pre-decided goals. We often think that we are lost and failed in life and there is nothing more we can do. This is the time when we need to pause and say to ourselves "It 's not the end of the world", if I did not achieve this then I can always try for that. These lines if recited instill a fresh outlook, a lifeline and new hopes of moving ahead.

    Does professional, personal or financial set back based on our rigid goals in life mean that we should stop? "I want to become engineer compulsorily at any cost", "I want to become a Vice President in a company at any cost" are examples of rigid goals. Flexibility in pursuing one's goal in life is the key to happiness. Flexibility means that rather than setting rigid goals in life like "I want A" we can set flexible goals like "I want A, if not A then B, if not B then C".

    These days there are so many options available as far as academics, career and financials are concerned which can always be explored if things do not fall in place. So, there is nothing wrong in setting pre-defined goals in life but if things do not materialize one should be flexible enough to try other options. We hear so many instances where people simply go into depression are shattered and think of evil actions like suicide if they fail in their academics, career or personal front, which is really sad. Why can't they say, "It's not the end of the world" and move ahead with different alternative goals and paths in life?

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    Having a preconceived goal is good in life. But sometimes we may not be able to achieve the same even after putting in all our efforts. we should not think that we lost in the bargain. If road A is closed another road B will get open. We should think in that manner and we should continue our lives further and we should be happy with what we have achieved.
    A good thread by the author explaining the concept well.

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    The author has stated: "Flexibility means that rather than setting rigid goals in life like "I want A" we can set flexible goals like "I want A, if not A then B, if not B then C"."-----------------------On this particular issue, I can't agree with the author. If we make our goals flexible, we won't be able to achieve these in our lifetime.

    I feel that instead of making goals flexible, we must set our goals considering our limitations and giving some allowance to unforeseen circumstances. The goals must be realistic and we must make every effort to achieve these goals.

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    That's right we should always be flexible and should not run towards a goal which we could not achieve. I remember in childhood I had a friend who wanted to be a doctor but could not become after trying to clear PMT for almost three years. And after wasting those precious three years of his life he decided that he should change his goal and took admission in BHMS which he successfully completed with a good score and is a successful doctor at present.

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