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    Again the trees have become sullen

    The rain had started in the midnight. It stopped after sometime. In the morning, the locality was foggy. Again the rain started. I went out to purchase milk and other essential items. I felt that the trees of our locality were extremely depressed in the depressing weather. I also felt depressed.

    At around 10 a.m, the weather became clear. The Sun came out behind the cloud. I again went out. The atmosphere changed. The golden sunlight was smiling. Small children started playing. The plants and trees were rejuvenated. They came out of depression. I felt the trees were dazzling as the sunlight was falling on the raindrops on the leaves.

    Now the cloudy weather has returned. The plants and trees have again become sullen. They are no longer smiling. Along with them, I am also feeling bad and dejected.
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    What do you want to tell us? It is a natural phenomenon that happens during the winter. Happiness and depression are like the up and down waves. The sun is the cause. He plays his role without fail. His hide and seek game causes this change.

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    Rain is important for trees also. If there is no rain, the underground water will come down. So water and rains are very much essential. But in the rainy season and winter, we feel a little less enthusiastic. We may not show much enthusiasm to go out and spend time. Once the Sun shines we will feel enthusiastic. It is natural. Always one can't be happy and sometime we may have to have sorrow also. Then only we will understand the value of happiness. If there is no darkness we don't know the value of light.
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    Yes, it's been raining here in Delhi since early morning which I came to know when I went to buy milk. Temperature has dropped down and its cold at present and it's going to drop further for two-three days. Snowfall is being observed on hill stations like Simla and Manali.

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    I appreciate the author for the depiction of change of status of trees during the day and swinging of our moods with that.

    Many times it happens that our mood changes in consonance with the nature around. It is inherent in our nature and does not require any effort from our side.

    The effect of severe winter in the Northern India is being felt in the other parts of the country as well. Even in Mumbai it is cooler in the early morning and the morning walkers have shifted their outing time by an hour or so.

    I myself was having a feeling of subdued and weak body and was not considering for going for the little morning walk I usualky undertake. But as the mist and smog cleared and sun was shining in its full glory, I took a round outside in the park and within a few minutes my mood was back to that of cheerfulness and warmness.

    I thought let me also share the mood swing which generally happens on these damp and cool days.

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