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    When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

    Just now I read this quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    It has two meaning first one is when everything is going wrong and you are finding it difficult to achieve your goal then you must "hang on " keep on fighting with the circumstances you will surely achieve your goal one day, the only thing you will have to change your strategy and have to keep patience.

    The second one is the "knot" which says to hold on to one thing accomplishment or a task in which you specifically good at. Something you can hold with both the hands and you may feel that you have made a progress.

    I liked this motivational quote. It says we should not lose hopes and should try our best to achieve our goal and target. What's your take on this?.
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    A good quotation. The ultimate aim is to be successful. In the process of achieving the goal, you may have to face many difficulties. Don't think that is the end of the world. Stick on to the goal and try to find out roots and paths to reach your goal. No road will end abruptly. At a dead end, there will be a turning definitely. We should be on the lookout always. Starting work and leaving them is not a good way.
    The Telugu Mahabharatam was started by Nannayya. In his writing, he classified people into three groups. Some people don't start work thinking that they can't complete. There are the bottom most people in life. The second type people will start the work and leave them in the middle as they get tired of doing that thing. They are in the middle. The topmost people are those who will not hesitate to start work and they will never leave it in the middle and they will try till they get the desired results. They are the best people in the world.

    always confident

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    Very nice quote by Roosevelt. Life is full of struggle and during it's journey one finds bottlenecks and hindrances and everything seems to be standstill.

    The real fighters do not stop at that. They find out new and improvised ways to survive. They do not accept their defeat so easily.

    I remember a story about a temperamental king who on a trivial matter fired his minister who was in fact his right hand. The king knew that he had made a mistake but due to ego did not call the minister back to work.

    On the other hand the minister after seeing that there was no place for him in the court or the castle went out and started living in the village.

    After some time he thought to utilise his knowledge and intelligence to earn some money for him and he started sitting on the gate of the castle and stopped every person whoever was going with an application to king for help and checked his application and did corrections if required and again made it in a precise way to get favour from the king for that person. The minister made a small initials on the left side of the application to remember that he has seen this particular one.

    This went on for quite some time but one day the minister fell ill and did not attend his work at gate. Now whatever applications reached the king's table they were not having the initials of the fired minister. King was not knowing these things and refused to sign the applications or grant help to the applicants saying that they have not been checked by his staff as there is no initials on the left side.

    When the matter was investigated the king was very much ashamed on his accepting the initials of the fired minister as his own staff. Later he might have reinstated the minister also.

    Anyway, the story has a moral that those who can innovate and have will to survive and are never fearful of their results, they simply work and only work foreseeing ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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