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    It always seems impossible until its done.

    When you set a goal, it always feels like it is tough and just impossible to achieve. But once you've started on it, it would feel easier.

    The more we think about how hard or impossible our task is the more it becomes tough. But when we just start doing it, it feels easier and it seems like we would accomplish our task in time.

    Therefore we should stop thinking about the task instead concentrate on working on it. Sometimes it happens that it may look hard but actually, it is not.
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    When we start work we should visualise the end result and we should plan our action in such a way that we will make our goal to reach us. But without thinking and without making any plan of action and if we start the work just like that it will become a half-hearted work we may not be able to achieve the goal.
    The thinking process should be about the path to be adopted but not about starting the work or not. When we start any work we should assess the work and decide on the efforts we have to put in. Once you make a plan in your mind you adopt that and start reviewing in between so that you can amend your way of required.
    There are three types of people. One will anticipate the difficulties well in advance and he will take the actions required to avert those difficulties. The second type person is try to get out of difficulties only when he gets into that and somehow he will be out of woods. The third type of person is a person who never visualises his difficulties and he never notices the difficulties and he will go with the wind and will be lost in the process.

    always confident

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    To overcome the inertia for doing anything or doing a tough thing is the main thing in our lives and those who can start work without apprehensions are the real winners.

    Fear of not able to do a task or discourage by merely it's thought is the weakness of human beings and has to be overcome by deterministic attitude and focused approach to problems and challenges in our life.

    As is said that - well begun is half done. It is very true that if we start a work with confidence and laborious attitude it will be accomplished in spite of the fact that it was difficult or very tough.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is only our mindset that we have inhibitions about a job or task. We resist to do it. We think of some alternative if available. But when we do it then it does not appear so difficult and slowly we achieve it may be by taking more time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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