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    Experience is the most precious thing in our life

    When we learn new things and work in different different situations then we gain experience. Academic qualification is one thing which is also important as the background support for a person but it is actually the experience which brings practical success in our life.

    I feel that experience gained in any job or work is the most precious thing in our life. It is like the source of perpetual energy which drives the engine of our life smoothly even in the changed circumstances.

    The interesting thing in this matter is that the people who are sincere, laborious and hard working gain more experience than that of the slow and lazy persons.

    More experience a person gathers, more competent he becomes to perform in more responsible and higher positions.

    What is your opinion about this?
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    Absolutely through practical experience, the only one learns better than the theoretical knowledge. A person who passes out from the college has lots of theoretical knowledge but may not be good when at work where he should have the experience to tackle the workers and other the job-related issue.

    Obviously, the people who work hard and give more time in learning things grow better than who don't try to work hard. I have seen engineers who come directly through the campus interview but few of them work hard and becomes better than others in a few days because they have a desire to learn so they work accordingly whereas others don't.


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    Yes, experience is invaluable. A right combination of experience and enthusiasm can do wonders. No barrier or difficulty is insurmountable when experience and enthusiasm work together.
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    It is true that experience makes a man perfect. A person who is doing work continuously for a long time may study it more than the others who are observing. That study will give him more insights about the work he is doing. It will give him good knowledge about the work he is doing.
    But one important point here is doing the work routine daily like a machine can't be taken as an experience. The person should understand the work he is doing and he should think about the process thoroughly. He should get a full grip on the subject. Then only we can say he is having experience.
    People who experienced more troubles and participated actively in solving those problems will definitely have better knowledge. His experience will give him a very good advantage. People who will shy away from the work will never get any experience even though they were in the job for years together.

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