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    Is it right to throw off our food plate in an angry mood?

    I have observed many people both young and old doing this. While dining, if an issue is discussed, and heated argument takes place, people are habitual of showing their anger on the food plates and the items available on the dining table. They throw it off and break the utensils. This scene can be seen in our films too.

    Is it right? While we treat our food as a god gifted item for survival, should we treat it in that manner?

    Have you ever shown your anger on the food plate?
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    No. Never correct. Food should not be thrown away. In fact, no article should be thrown. We are all human beings. we will happiness, anger and all other emotions. But under these emotions and pressures, we should not throw anything from our hands. It shows our arrogant nature. It is unnecessarily spoiling the articles and hurting the other people. At the same time, it will spoil our health also. It will raise our BP and it will create anxiety and so on so forth.
    We will have a difference of opinions with others and even with our family members. We should discuss and sort out the problem. Sometimes we may have to keep silent also to pacify the others. If unnecessarily both the parties start shouting on each other the situation will become worse.
    As far as I am concerned so far in my life I have not done and even I have not seen doing something like that. I have seen only in the movies.

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    No, it's not a good thing. We should remember that we should not waste food in any way. We should think of people who could not manage to have two square meal when we think of wasting food.

    When we waste food we should remember that while doing so we are wasting our natural resources too. As plants take lots of water, minerals when they are cut as a crop.


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    Some people do it in extreme anger but it is in bad taste. Food is the basic need of our life. We should treat it in a proper way. It is the God's prasadam to us. Why we should throw it like that. In our scriptures everywhere it is compared with God.
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    No sensible person will throw his plate while eating, that is what I believe. However, certain persons who cannot control their emotions might go to that extend. For that matter, throwing anything, as a result of anger, against another person is not to be welcomed.

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    People do abnormal activities during the pang of anger. Many people get angry and can not control it and do such actions. They feel that the family persons will be afraid of them if they do like that. In fact they lose their respect in the eyes of others by doing such extreme acts.

    We must understand that it takes time to prepare food and present it to someone. Throwing it on any pretext is an insult to the person who has prepared it and now has offered it to the erring person.

    Anger is a bad element in our life and it has to be contained and managed rather than using it for destructive activities.

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    All members have stated that throwing food plate is an indecent act. I agree. Recently I was watching Mahabharatham episodes very curiously. In that, Karna the King of Anga, a close friend of Duryodhana, and a man famous for donating gifts (Dhaanveer)without any refusal, was seen throwing his food plate in an angry mood. This happened after his return from Suyamvar of Droupathi. When Karna attempted to lift the bow and aim at the circling fish over the head, Draupathi asked him to stop his participation and said that she would not like to marry a Soor Puthiran (low caste). It was a great insult to Karna whose real identity is not known to him. He was a Kshatriya by birth but fostered by a Chariot man.

    Is it not an indecent act by a very great King Karna!

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    Am attaching a photo of that scene in which Karna shows his anger at the food plate. (Photo courtesy youtube video on Tamil Mahabharatham)
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