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    Did you watch the latest episode of 'Sentinels of the Snow'?

    Epic TV is a relatively new television channel. I find the programmes of this channel are of very high quality and also well-researched. This televisional channel has been telecasting a programme 'Sentinels of the Snow'. This program describes the sagas of the gallantry of Indian Armed Forces. In the last week of December, 2018, it telecast the unforgettable event of Battle of Rezang La. Major-General G.D. Bakshi (Retd.) brilliantly described the event in such a manner so that the civilian people also clearly understand the importance of this Battle, its background of this battle, and the gallantry of the soldiers of the Chalie Company of 13 Kumaon led by Major Shaitan Singh, PVC (Posthumous), in this battle.

    I missed the program when it was telecast. Only yesterday I watched it. I request all Members to watch this brilliant episode and also the other episodes of 'Sentinels of the Snow'. It would be an excellent experience for all.

    Incidentally, I also wrote an article on the Battle of Rezan-La in ISC (Battle of Rezang La).
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    So far I have not seen this programme or not even heard this. I never know that there is a channel called Epic TV. The subject matter of the programme appears to be interesting as per your narration. I have to ask my son whether this particular channel will be available in Hyderabad and whether we can have it in our selected list. If he says Ok, then I have to go to watch the programme. Anyhow thanks to the author for the information.
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    Let us know what is the schedule if it is an ongoing series - on which days of the week and at what time it is on air?

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    Just now I have checked. 'Sentinels of the Snow' is a special episode, not a regular programme of the channel. I watched the episode going to the Website of the channel yesterday.

    So far as the regular programmes are concerned, Ekaant, Devlok, Regiment Diaries and Stories by Rabindranath Tagore are worth mentioning.

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    Seems to be a good program related to the gallantry of Indian armed forces. I have not seen that.

    I have seen a few programs in EPIC channel. It is mainly transmitting programs on historical, architectural and cultural backgrounds. The programs are of very high quality and not the cup of tea of people watching TV for general entertainment.

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    No, I haven't heard of this program. It seems to be a good program as you have mentioned related to the gallantry of armed forces. I have not watched anything on EPIC tv. I will check it out.

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