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    Do you enjoy book fairs?

    During school and college days, we often went for book fairs. Nowadays less than a handful are organized and somehow the interest to go for them has waned, with a preference more for handloom and handicraft fairs. It is not that we have lost our love for reading, but somehow don't want to spend time at a fair where we are unlikely to purchase anything since we are not keen on adding to the books already in our home, especially since we have been on a de-cluttering drive since a while now. We nowadays hire books from a local public library if we wish or re-read the books we do have.

    Ongoing now is the World Book Fair at New Delhi. An annual event, it is open till 13th January 2019. We are excited because Duckbill Books and Publications, which published my sister's book Flying with Grandpa, has a stall there (Hall no. 12, Stall no. 85) and perhaps the book will be sold there. Any member who is a resident of Delhi and will be visiting the book fair is requested to please let me know if you visited that stall and have seen my sister's book on display there.

    How many of you regularly attend book fairs either by yourself or with family/friends and what has been your experience? Do you enjoy spending many happy hours browsing through the varied collection on sale? Do you actually purchase any books?
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    In my younger days, I used to visit every smaller and bigger book fair both in Kolkata and in Delhi. It used to give me great pleasure to smell new books, check interesting books and then to purchase books. I used to find the atmosphere rejuvenating. I used to visit World Book Fair in Delhi regularly till 2007-2008.

    Although I am still a voracious reader, thanks to Internet, I can now check various books and read the excerpts online. Further, I can purchase books ordering online. So, I generally don't visit Book Fair now. Nowadays, I also feel the burden of my age and increasing responsibility.

    However, this time, I will try to visit Stall No. 87 in World Book Fair presently being held at Pragati Maidan.

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    I also used to go to the book fair in school days. But later on, my interest in books lost and with the easy accessibility of the internet, I left reading books after completion of my college studies.

    I usually don't go to the trade fair especially at Pragati Maidan due to overcrowding. I will check the book fair for you this time if get time.


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    I love reading. Even these days also I read many books. But my interest is more in mythological and religious books. I like reading books like Mahabharata and Ramayana. I have purchased both poetry version and prose version of these books. Whenever chance comes myself with my family will visit book fares. Even this Saturday night I and my wife visited a small boof fare in Hyderabad and purchased some books. But I read more Telugu books. I read English books occasionally online.
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    Since my childhood, I had a strong liking for reading. During my school days, I used to visit the Govt district library where plenty of books were there and we used to get 2 books per day.

    In fact, at that time, I was not reading the books because with that speed it was just scanning and enjoying the story and the theme.

    During that time I read many books in Hindi as well as English. During my graduation, one of my professor, who was very fond of reading, seeing my interest gave me some Hindi novels to read.

    In those days it was beyond our means to purchase books or periodicals and district library was the only place we depended for our huge reading appetite.

    I encountered the first book fair when I was in Mehsana, Gujarat and it fascinated me much. After that wherever I got the opportunity I visited it. I used to purchase some books there but most of the books I purchased were from the footpath booksellers in Delhi and Mumbai and I got some very special books in throwaway prices.

    I had a huge collection but due to my transferable job I had to dispose of or give them to my colleagues from time to time.

    Now I have stopped purchasing but if get an opportunity near my place I definitely visit the book fair and enjoy the summary of books on their back or inner cover side for as long as I can endure.

    I was a book lover who subsequently became a bookworm and still continuing.

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    I do visit book fairs whenever I come across a book fair, to have a look at the books of interest, not for enjoyment. However, I visit trade fairs and exhibition stalls for enjoyment. As my profession is to listen, speak, read and write, I have no time to spare for reading books of interest. My time is tight enough to read daily newspapers and magazines.
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    Thank you for your interest. Please note that it is Hall no. 12 and Stall no. 85. There is a hall no.12A also, but Duckbill's stall is tucked away in a corner in Hall no.12 near Metro 10 and apparently, it is not even in the children's' section of the book fair. Please let me know if you do manage to visit and, if possible, requesting you to take a photo as well.

    My sister had visited the book fair at Pragati Maidan some years ago and she had realized how vast the space is over there! It was quite tiring walking around that fair.

    Your reference to the smell of new books is so apt. There is a freshness about them which is really nice. I remember even during our school days smelling the new books of a new class and eagerly turning over the pages just to feel the crispness.

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    I just now read your comment to the article-review by Jagdish of the book. Thank you very much for buying and reading it. The editor of the publication house sent my sister a photo of the book on display at their stall and we were really thrilled to see it! About 17-18 have been sold either through Amazon or at local bookstores. We may know the exact figures some months later when the publication house will inform my sister about it.

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