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    Does a good Education guarantees a better career?

    There is no doubt that in our country, we lay stress over the fact that a good education guarantees a good career. If you will be scoring well, you are studious and you graduate from some of the big names, you are guaranteed to be a successful person in Life. Study hard and you will live the rest of the life with ease. I wonder how many of us have used this advice in our initial years.
    However, I have seen a recent trend that students, chose to cover and study what they feel fascinates them, and in turn, end up making a better career.

    What is your opinion over the same?
    Can you share an example, where this thought process resulted in a different outcome?
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    Students undergoing good courses and securing high scores have definitely more scope for getting good jobs. At the same time some students have aptitude for something which may not be much lucrative from job point of view. So one has to compromise between one's passion and the practical reality.
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    There is no relation between a good education and a better career. A good education may be one of the qualifications for getting a job. But a better career depends on your performance in the job and getting updated with the required information to get on to the ladder.
    My mother's sister was very good in her studies. She was a gold medalist in High school. She did her PhD in Telugu. Her thesis was declared as the best thesis in that year from that department. But she couldn't get good employment with a decent salary. Forget about government colleges, she couldn't get a post in a private college with a decent salary. Finally, she worked as a junior lecturer in a private junior college and retired from there.
    At the same time I know people who are very average in their studies and who was not even a graduate made good careers and excelled a lot in their career.

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    I agree with Dr. Rap. These days education whether it is good or bad has nothing to do with the nature of job. Of course when a Professional degree is taken one hopes to get a related job and goes on applying for related posts. Very often, he fails to get the same and goes for another job which may not require any knowledge he has acquired. For example, there are several Post graduates in science subjects who work in different offices as clerks or assistants. Even engineering graduates are forced to accept clerical jobs in our country.
    On the other hand there are multi millionaires who have not even taken a degree. I was a Professor in a Professional college with specialisation in Fisheries sciences. The student's there are selected through entrance tests. That means they opt for the course hoping to get jobs. However, there are many who had to satisfy with clerical posts in Banks or in private companies. Hence it is difficult to assume that there is any relation between good education and better career.


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    In most of the middle-class families, it is a general practice to give more importance to education for making a great career. Finally, one might acquire many academic laurels but fails to achieve a high profile job. Lack of vacancy is a big reason behind it. One vacancy has umpteen aspiring candidates, so only one fortunate person gets the job. Now, the point is one has to maintain the family so opts for a job of lower rank. Higher education in general courses has a small opening for their students while highly qualified specialised professionals do enjoy a good career. Those who opt to make their passion, for music, sports, art and so on, a career attain great success. I feel fate plays a vital role in making or breaking a person's future.

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    Good education sometimes can be instrumental in getting us a good job but it does not guarantee a very successful career. The reason is obvious that there are many other qualities required in the personality of a person to rise in life.

    Even with little education there are people who have become the top business magnates in their respective countries or even tn the world.

    So there are many faculties which are required to be developed in a person for a successful career. Education is only a background support which may help one to get qualify in some entrance exam or test.

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    I agree with this good education doesn't guarantee a good career. I remember one of my neighbour who was not at all good in studies but he did well after doing 12th by joining NIIT and did some software course and presently settled in the US and working in a good IT company whereas one if the topper in my college was struggling for the job and got a job of a professor in a college.

    A good education doesn't mean that a person will get a good job and there is no surety that he will be successful at work.


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