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    We have too many tasks to handle in our cities

    Of late, some superb stories are starting to emerge about clean cities. Mysore, Surat and Indore seem to be doing a great job.

    Chennai has always been an eyesore in this regard. Smaller cities such as Tiruchirapalli are far better. Why is that there is almost zero community participation in many cities is a very big question mark.

    Bangalore is superb for many efforts. In general, the city is very clean. How do we bring in more of community participation and also ensure less encroachment?

    Members may please highlight some good experiences. Merely banning plastics may not be the solution
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    I was recently in Visakhapatnam on official work. The city is being developed as a smart city. The roads are very good and clean. Nowhere we are finding any waste and the cleaning is being done regularly. All the roads in the city are very clean. I couldn't see anywhere any accumulation of waste.
    I was waiting in a city bus stop for the arrival of my friend there. A girl studying in primary school was also waiting for the bus. She opened a bar of chocolate and she has eaten the chocolate and the wrapper she kept in the pocket. I have become a little curious and asked the child why she has kept the wrapper inside. Her reply made to feel very happy. She said if everyone throws the wrappers and other waste papers anywhere and everywhere the whole road will become dirty. It is better to carry it home and put in the dustbin as there is no dustbin available nearby.
    This is the awareness people should have so that the roads and public places will be very clean and clean India can be established.

    always confident

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