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    I wholeheartedly welcome the decision of the Government

    The Central Government has taken a decision to introduce a 10% reservation for economically-weaker people among the upper castes. I heartily and wholeheartedly welcome this long overdue decision.

    The caste-based reservation system which was initiated in the Constitution of India in 1950 was originally for a limited period. But this caste-based reservation system has been allowed to continue and its scope was further enlarged by the politicians of India.

    The reservation system has not helped much the real needy people belonging to the reserved categories. They did not reap the benefits of this system. The fortunate ones (within these reserved groups) have been enjoying the benefits generations after generations. On the other hand, this illogical system is creating bad blood among fellow-students in academic institutions and among colleagues in Government offices.

    The reservation, if given, must be based upon the economic criteria. But, till now, no Government could show the guts to extend reservation to the economically weaker sections of the society.

    The present Central Government has taken the first step to protect the interests of the economically weaker sections of society. I earnestly hope that with the passage of time, the present caste-based reservation system will be replaced by reservation for economically weaker people.
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    Hope so it happens but I have a feeling that no government will take the risk to do that. It's very sad that people who are talented are not selected whereas the people who don't deserve are selected because they are fortunate to have a reservation due to their caste. This is high time now the government should think over it and should not allow the talents to be killed in our country.

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    This decision of the Government is likely to fail legally if challenged in the court of law. The Supreme Court in 1992 specifically gave judgment in this regard. The Supreme Court made it clear that economic backwardness cannot be a sole criterion for the reservation. It may be a consideration along with or in addition to social backwardness.
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    We all want to do away with the reservation system completely. There shouldn't be any caste or community or economy based reservation. For all these years, we had enough reservation to help the downtrodden to get balanced on the basis of caste and minority community. Introducing a new reservation policy on the basis of the economy will be a failure to achieve.

    How do we identify and scale the economically weaker section?

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    "The Supreme Court made it clear that economic backwardness cannot be a sole criterion for the reservation."---------The caste-based reservation already exists in our country. So, economic backwardness is not the sole criterion till now.
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    It is very nice on the part of the government to initiate a 10% reservation to the General category people who are economically backward. We should appreciate.
    The reservation system in our country was started as limited time encouragement to the socially backward people. But because of the vote politics, they were continued and quantum is increased. But as expressed by the author these are not really doing anything good to really deserving. But only upper-level people in those castes who are rich they are only enjoying the benefit. I feel for all the reserved category seats there should be a limit of income also. SImply by birth getting the caste should not be alone taken as a consideration but some limit of financial position should also be prescribed for all types of reservations.
    Anyhow the government's decision of providing some facility to the needy is giving pleasure to many deserving cases.

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    Mr. SuN has asked: "How do we identify and scale the economically weaker section?"

    Those with family income not exceeding Rs 8 lakh per annum, landholding of less than five acres or residential plot not measuring more than 100 square yards are eligible for the proposed quota announced by the Government.

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    Don't you know that there is something known as Benami? To showcase their economical weakness to claim reservation, people might get false certificates by bribing the authorities. When the reservation for the lower castes and community was available, many upper-class people have obtained false certificates as the lower class to claim reservation. It seems to be an election gimmick. And this 10 % is in addition to the existing 50% reservation policy.

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    What a good initiative by the Central government but what a shame that now most of us here are more concern about constitution & the possibilities that some are even have led to the conclusion of this being "not possible".

    The reservation system which should have been ended long times back but still being continued in order to serve their political agenda is but "acceptable".

    We have yet another example of hypocrisy here.

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    Mr. SuN (#656345): I had only quoted the criteria fixed by the Government to determine economic backwardness in upper castes. These were not my opinion, these are the factors proposed by the Government in the proposal.

    Mr. Anand (#656351): What can we do? Some people are pessimistic by nature. Some people are hell-bent to criticize the Government. They will criticize even if the present Government builds the heaven on earth.

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    This was a long pending thing and has got a merit of its own.

    We have got freedom since 70 years and if we still cry backward tribe and caste, it does not make sense. Today the only thing which is differentiating people from each other is poverty or affluence.

    The criterion of economically backward is more than sufficient to give justice to people. Today let us not talk of caste and creed. It does not make sense though poltician are taking mileage out of it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is high time that the reservations are to be withdrawn in a phased manner. No political party is showing the inclination to do this. In such a situation, this is a welcome move even though the timing is suspect. The same reservation on the economic basis was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1992. Hope this bill will be passed and stands the legal scrutiny.
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    There is not even an iota of doubt that reservation kills merit and it should be withdrawn. But no political party is ready to take this step in India. It will continue for the time being. If we have to tolerate this system for some more time, then I feel that economic condition based reservation is a lesser evil than caste-based reservation.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Reservation based on caste system is an awkward policy to continue with. It is a good step to give some benefit to the economically weaker section. I would love to see the reservation based on caste is scrapped. It's a high time now that the government should completely reject it.
    Yes, there is a chance that those who are economically backwards would not receive the quota because most of the people who are in a powerful position are corrupt. They want to enjoy the benefits given to them as well as those given to others. Strict control is a must, or else a section of people will keep on enjoying all the privileges and rest of the Indians will gradually have nothing.
    A great move! Let it be an election gimmick, but at least this government has the guts to introduce such a policy. Its success will strengthen the structure of our country. Hope it succeeds!


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    I have also read with amusement the view of the great leader of modern India and cynosure of eyes of the liberals, Asaduddin Owaisi, who has kindly opined that economic criteria-based reservation is not allowed in the Constitution.
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    There is no doubt that such a step was required to be taken long back. But it is still no late to start a positive thinking. Slowly all reservations will cease to exist except this one.

    Opposition parties are also not able to apparently condemn it due to fear of losing the votes of the large chunk of poor people who are coming under this category.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I don't get it about why we are suspecting or questioning the timing? Why don't we just approve it if we find this "OK"?

    In a latest update, the Kharge was recorded with his voice that this should be postponed & seems that this is going to be the hot topic for debates.

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    Those who remained in power for 60 years, did not assess the ground situation. They only played politics. They could not understand the unbearable pain suffered by deserving candidates for whom the doors of admission in good courses and recruitment opportunities in Government were closed due to caste-based reservation. They have no right to question the timing of appropriate decisions.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The bill has been passed in Lok Sabha with only three votes against the bill. Now it will go to Rajya Sabha. I feel this is a very good act to encourage the merit from unreserved category people with lower income. I hope this will be implemented as early as possible without any hindrances.
    always confident

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    But the Rajya Sabha was adjourned during last three days. Let us earnestly hope that the Bill is passed by the Rajya Sabha at the earliest. Winter Session of the Parliament is coming to close very soon. The opposition parties are playing various dirty tricks.
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    We have had enough reservation against different quotas and in fact, this did not percolate to the needy mass so that the reservation- system could change their fate for the better. The irony is that there are majority of the people in the rural areas having no relevant information about the privileges being offered to them as result of the their inclusion in the reservation- categories. We have had enough instances when some section of the people enjoying massive wealth could change their status by procuring a false certificate making them eligible for the concession. In fact the reservation system is doing more harm than the benifits. We need to think seriously how the poverty can be alleviated irrespective of the cast - system and attainment of such status will bring prosperity to all needy people.

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    Good news! Breaking news! Today Rajya Sabha has passed the Reservation Bill for upper castes. So, there will be an amendment to the Constitution.
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    After a discussion for about 10 hours Rajya Sabha, the bill was passed without any changes. The modifications proposed were rejected and now the bill waits for the signature of the President which is a formality. I think there will not be any problem in implementing the bill. I don't whether anybody may go to Supreme court and try to take a stay for the implementation of the same. A good job by the government in this respect.
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    A Constitutional Amendment Bill passed by the Parliament following proper procedure can't be challenged in the Supreme Court.

    But, a direction of the Supreme Court can be changed by the Parliament. Example: Shahbano case.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The bill is passed and is going to be a reality. Now I have a few points for which I want the members to consider and express their opinion.
    1. Merit: Merit is the first casualty in the reservation system. We already have 50% caste-based reservations. Add to this the 10% reservation based on economic status. The meritorious who are not covered by either of the reservations stand to lose 10% more opportunities in education and jobs. Think about it. I personally feel it is high time to abolish reservations of any type in a phased manner.
    2. Criteria: The criteria set is not objective. The Rs 8 lakhs income is very clear and no problem with it. The condition that the landholding should not exceed 5 acres makes no sense. We all know how meager is the income from agricultural lands.
    Same is the case with the housing property of 1000 square feet and also the 100 or 200 sq. yards site. Those who are having more than 5 acres of land or other housing property will be left out even though they do not have the Rs 8 lakh income.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Today I have seen in Times of India site that somebody filed a petition against the 10% reservation to economically backward classes saying that financial condition alone can't be a factor for reservation and another point they mentioned in that is the total percentage of reservation are exceeding 50%. We have to wait and see.
    always confident

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    #656462: In my previous responses I clearly stated that reservation kills merit. But in this Parliamentary form of democracy with thousands of groups, there is little chance at present for abolishing the reservation system. This would be possible only in Presidential form of democracy (I am discussing this in a separate thread). So, we have to accept the lesser evil. Economic condition-based reservation is a lesser evil compared to the caste-based reservation.

    So far as criteria for reservation, I do admit that I don't have a good idea about land ceiling and cost of land. So, we may note the point of objections and later further amend the provisions, if found necessary after discussion. Let us be constructive and responsible citizens.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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