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    How did you develop and enhance your English writing/speaking skill?

    English is a foreign language to Indians. But we all write and speak English. All ISCians write good English. I do not know whether all ISCian speak good English or not. A person might write good English but cannot speak well. Some might speak English but cannot write good English. People studied in English medium schools write and speak English well. People studied in their local medium schools struggle to speak English. However, they too pick up good English through their friends and workplaces. Someone attends 'Spoken English' classes to develop their English.

    Here my question is -
    Are you good at speaking English?
    How and where did you learn to speak English?
    Can you deliver a lecture in English?
    What is your suggestion to improve our English speaking?

    Jai Hind.
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    Are you good at speaking English: Ok. I may not be good but I can speak without mistakes. In our office, all the meetings and discussions will be carried out in English only. So by participating in those meetings and other activities, I learned speaking English.
    How and where did you learn to speak English? : I learned the English language during my education. Up to graduation, I studied English as the first language. I studied B.Sc in English medium. Those days I learned a little bit. Later on, during my career, I learned speaking English.
    Can you deliver a lecture in English?: Yes. I have attended many refresher courses as a resource person and I delivered lectures in English only. I visited 10 foreign countries and in 4 countries in seminars, I presented technical papers in English only. I have attended many National and International seminars in India and presented papers.
    What is your suggestion to improve our English speaking? : I am not so talented to advise you or suggest you the ways and means to improve the English language. But I can tell you what I have done to improve my English languages. The following are the points which I followed.
    1. Reading daily standard English papers like The Hindu.
    2. Reading books
    3. Talking only in English with colleagues even though there are other languages known to each other.

    always confident

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    I was a student of a Bengali medium school. But due to continuous guidance of my father (at an age of 89, he still finds enough mistakes in my English) and some very good teachers in school, I somehow manage to express my feelings in English (although with difficulty). However, my hesitation still remains. I try to read good books and good articles and try to remember the construction of good sentences. I manage to speak English haltingly.

    Somehow I am managing.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    English in an international language, but it is not hard to speak and write. If you have good vocabulary and grammar knowledge, then you can speak fluently.
    To develop and enhance English speaking and writing skill:
    1. Read English books and listen English series, news channel etc.
    2. Read grammar books.
    3. Read more vocabulary and try to build it your own words.
    4. Try to think in English and speak out in public.
    English speaking classes in Amravati are providing all the spoken training.

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    The ability of speaking in English can be improved only by using it regularly. Make use of all the available occasions to converse in that language. Depending on the type of job one is handling the chances may vary. In my case I was in a teaching profession, that too at Post graduate level. Naturally, I had to handle the classes in English. I didn't find difficulty in handling the classes in English. Also I had occasion to mingle with scientists coming from other States and also from foreign countries. Hence I could improve my speaking skill. Still I feel I am not good at speaking English.
    When it comes to writing, again the suggestion is to go on writing as much as possible. In fact this ISC is an answer to that. We get several options here. One can write articles or join the discussion forums and attempt write comments or several other means are there to write and improving the skill.


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    It is true that though many of us are good writers but may not be good speakers when it comes to speaking English.

    Those people who got an opportunity of studying in English medium schools or got the company of friends speaking fluent English somehow picked it fast and are able to show their expertize in it.

    For other mortals like us, we had to learn it from the dictionaries and other pronunciation methods just not to cut sorry figure in between the fluent foreign accent speakers.

    To our solace and great relief the Indian English having it's typical pronunciation has already been an accepted thing and we can speak that fluently without bothering for that foreign accent.

    Same thing is happening in other countries like China, Pakistan etc and you can tell about a person as to which country he belongs just by hearing his English accent.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I like the author's clarity in question and description.

    I am from an English medium school. Though it is wrong, school forced us only to communicate in English. So, that is how my spoken English became better. The schools and colleges had many activities which involves power point presentations, so, as a part of curriculum, we developed these presentation skills too.

    To learn any language, vocabulary and tenses are more important. I believe it can be improved through book reading. To me, it all started from school days, may be from the age of 8. I started reading story books, magazines, and patriotic books to compete in school elocution and essay competitions. As I grow up, my choice of book varied.

    Now, my kid at 4 year old are given illustrated books to read. So, their opportunity to read books are earlier. So, School played a major role in improving my spoken English. Now, I am a home maker. I live in abroad and my neighbors, however Indians speak different language, and English is our common language. So, my communication still continues to be in English. I read stories to my neighbor kids too at my free time.

    My suggestion to improve spoken English is to speak in English without any hesitation. When You speak, concentrate only to make the opponent understand your content and, don't be conscious on how you speak and who observes you etc.

    It always seems impossible until its done

    Sri Vetri
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