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    Why a Bharath Bandh? Why can't they do it in this way?

    Bharath Bandh.
    The trade unions have joined together to fight for their demands. They called for two days Bharath Bandh. Will this Bharath Bandh solve their problems? Will our government yield to their demands after this two days Bandh which causes inconvenience to the common public and heavy loss to both the public and the government?

    To be successful, why not all the leaders of the huge number of trade unions(Presidents, secretaries and treasurers etc.) sit on a fast until death? I am sure, that will yield some fruitful result and avoid inconvenience to the public and the government.

    What is your good comment?

    Jai Hind.
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    By doing fast on to death, the leaders have to suffer. But by doing Bandh they are making the public to suffer. Why leaders should suffer. The Union leaders wanted some dispute always to show their importance.
    Once The Managing Director of a company visited his factory. There are two unions in that factory. Both of them will be always raising something or other to create a problem. The MD called both the Union leaders separately and asked them to give their demands in writing. He asked them to meet with the paper again after one hour. They came and again met them separately. The MD without even looking into the paper told them all your demands are accepted and will be implemented with immediate effect. You go and work normally. Even after telling this the leaders are not moving out. MD asked them, why they are not going. They said that if you solve all our problems, the workers will never care us. So you accept 50% of the demands and keep the remaining pending.
    Such is the attitude of these leaders. So leaders will never take such steps which will solve the problems permanently.

    always confident

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. Going on strike and stopping the work is a great nuisance as the public has to suffer a lot due to this. In fact the agitators should take up other measures rather stopping the work.

    In many countries people do not go on strike but show their dissatisfaction in other ways which are more effective. On one pretext or other, stopping the work is not in a good taste.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Members are also requested to respond about the effectiveness of the bandh, as requested here, in this thread itself.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    The history of Bandh called by the trade unions is very interesting. It started in West Bengal in the volatile period of sixties. The result is crystal clear. All industries have been shut down. If a person travels from Kolkata via Howrah to Naihati, he will sigh heavily. He will see hundreds of closed factories and jute mills along the bank of River Bhagirathi (the southern part of the Ganges).

    Bandh never solves the problem but deteriorates the situation. The left-leaning trade unions precise want this. Closing of factories, destruction of livelihood and then only their wish will be fulfilled. India would start moving backward. That is their dream. They cherish this desire.

    We must stop the evil design of these trade union leaders by any means, if necessary, by resorting to violence, for the sake of the people of the country.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    These are nothing but a sort of political gimmick in order to highlight their presence in the political arena through various means including "Bharath Bandh" call. This is important to note that no common people has got with the enough time to spent on these actions & ultimately the sufferer is the common man & more specifically the contract laborer throughout nation or the world at par. The salaried class gets their money at the end of the Month but in case of calling for a Bandh or strike would miss the wages for the contract laborer as the job has been restricted or stopped for a specified period.

    In addition to this there would be the serious implications on the perishable commodities like the vegetables & what if the whole of the movements are stopped for the sake of this. What about the sufferings of the passengers & what of the Ambulances too are effected?

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    These two days bandh went off peacefully in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. There was no effect on the day to day life of the public. Public transport buses were normal and there was no stoppage. The markets were open and transactions were normal. All nationalised banks were closed but HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and other private banks functioned normally. Factories in rural areas where the Unions are active were closed for two days. But the factories around the city were closed for only one day. All government offices, Corporate offices and private offices worked normally. Overall I feel no problem for a common man and the productivity stopped due to stoppage of the manufacturing industry. All IT companies worked normally and they were not closed for a day also in these two days. I personally feel that these Bandhs are not good for the progress of the country. This should be thought by these union people and should think of an alternative way to show their dissent.
    always confident

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