Why central government is not helping AP?

The united Andhra Pradesh was divided by Congress Party when they were in Power in the centre. A lot of injustice has been done to residuary Andhra Pradesh. Even the factories which are located in Andhra Pradesh are having their registered offices in Hyderabad and hence taxes are going to Telangana government only.
Then BJP promised a better help to the state and worked together with TDP. But after 4 years of its formation also no major help has been done to the state. Today the expert's committee which was formed to find out the facts under the chairmanship of Jaya Prakash has confirmed that the Central government has to pay about Rupees 75,000 crores to AP government. This amount is excluding the Polavaram dues. This committee also confirmed that the State government has given all the required details about the expenditure for the money given by the Central government.
I fail to understand why the Central government is behaving like this. I like to know the views of members on this attitude of the Government in the centre.