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    Is ISC an addictive site?

    I have found that many members are attached to ISC for quite a long time. There activities may be more or less but the charm of sharpening their creative wits is binding them with it.

    Many members come back when they get time from their otherwise busy occupations and announce it in the forum section to rekindle the old memories.

    You may be absent from the activities here for some time but whenever you feel nostalgic you come back home and scribble something to show your presence.

    Is it so that ISC is an addictive site for its members? Have you got experience of any other site where you have similar feeling? Why and how this site is different from the others in the large canvass of internet? Please share your views.
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    Yes, it's addictive that's what I have observed since I joined this site. In spite of my busy schedule at work, I find time to be here on ISC. Before joining I was on a few sites like mylot, buddonun, bubblews through which I earned but with the time my interest towards these sites reduced because either they stopped paying it started paying very less. At present I am only on ISC and try to devote most of my leisure time here .

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    It may be an addictive site. I don't exactly define. Why because many members are leaving and coming back. I am active almost from 2 years. I started continuously working on the site from January 2017. I have seen a lot of floating. People will come for some days and then leave. Many of those members are not seen these days here. Only a few people will be regular here. Some regular members come for a very little time only.
    I am not aware of any other similar sites. I don't have extra time to see those sites. Whatever free time is available that I am spending on this site only. These days I am thinking whether I can try some other sites also along with this site. I started seeing times of India site these days.

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    I don't exactly what tempted to be a member of this site in the year back to 2014. In fact, I was on the look out for such a site where I could share my feelings with the members of the site without having any hesitation and with my close observation I could notice majority of members having excellent clarity of thinking and their write - ups proved to be my source of inspiration. Though basically my contribution to this site has not been substantial due to some occupation or the other but my liking for this site would not diminish due to my close attachment with the fellow members sharing their ideas in different plateforms which are truely inspiring.

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    In a way, this is an addictive site. I used to spend a lot of time to participate in the forum section. I am not so knowledgeable as many members of this site and used to spend a lot of time to ascertain the facts and make a note of them before expressing my views on this site. I do visit this site regularly even though my participation is minimal.
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    I don't think there is any addiction, but there is something which attract the members to it. Once an attempt is made to respond to any thread (forum, essay, or anything), automatically our inquisitive mind force us to open the next. This continues and force us to look into the next question. Also certain interesting topics may appear which force one to look into it.

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    I must try to be honest. I feel that there are around 70-75 regular Members of ISC who are addicted to ISC. Most of the registered Members of the site are irregular. Some of them register themselves to ask a single question only. After getting the answer to their questions, they discontinue.

    The 70-75 Members are attached to this site due to an unseen bonding among themselves. They have developed some sort of personal but online relationship.

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    I joined the site long ago but was not active here. I wrote on many sites, but a few months ago, when I checked the ISC site, I became interested in it. I love the contests which encourage my creative ability. It helps to nurture my writing skill, and so I feel an attachment to this site. If one can term it as addiction then yes, I am addicted to it.

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    There is no site in the web world where the forum is so attractive like ISC forum that we cannot leave it but live with. I joined this site on 24th March 2011. Initially, I was shown only the Ask expert section by my sponsor, and I could post my good answer. When I learned about the forum section on my own, I felt that forum is the right section to perform than Ask Expert section. Then I thought of writing a few articles. I was extremely successful with 50+ articles to my credit. Surely I am an ISC addict for the last 6 years and 10 months.

    As I was spending more time at ISC, my good lady used to comment - "Instead of marrying me, you should have married ISC"

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    It is true that some people are joining here only in quest of getting answer to their query and then they just leave it.

    Those who contribute about their school, place and such things, they stay for some time while the article writers and discussion forum participants stay longer.

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    I can't say, it is an addiction to me. Though I post many articles and contents to the site, I am not regular to it. When I visit, I check forums for sure and I post responses, only when I have something to talk about it. Many times, I read my forum posts, scrolled down the comments, gain some inputs and sign out. When I am bored, I read couple of book reviews here.

    But I would say, I use ISC as a platform to retain my writing skill and to admire at people with very good vocabulary. I don't write anything in ISC to prove my presence. One thing, I like in writing in ISC is, I have at least one reader (Editor) to evaluate my content.

    I believe that manual regulation differs ISC from other websites. When I recommend my friends to join ISC, I stress the point it is manually regulated site and follows zero tolerance against any kind of abuse. Seriously this lacks in many other social sites.

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    There is some sort of humane tendency that strive to make us all feel comfortable & natural in accordance to the prevalent situations & conditions & this continues till something big happens which doesn't seems appropriate to the either sides so being the case here too. Although we all are abide by the terms & conditions of the ISC but in between I am not 100% convinced of their approach as the overall discussion & thread seems biased as covering only selective & not the overall subjects & chapters of the topic.

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    I do not think that I am addictive to this site but yes, I am benefited by it a lot as I find my expressions and contributions improved during the last 2 years of my active phase here. This is one site where even a beginner can come and start submitting his posts and contributions and there are so many sections and opportunities that everyone gets something of his choice.

    So I like this place and will be contributing more in coming times.

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    I was curious to know how the members feel about this site. I am happy that I got good feedback.
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    Well, rather than thinking this as an addiction I would say it's a good habit to post regularly at different sections of ISC. Personally, I find ISC very interesting and the forum section is always vibrant. When you like to express your views on a certain topic and want to write articles on different issues, you would choose a site where you can get all these.

    As Srimathi has already mentioned that the site is regulated and that is always an advantage and very important to improve your writing skills. You know that if something goes wrong, your posts will not be published and since ISC has various interesting sections members can spend a lot of time on their favourite sections. Because of this, members stay in ISC and continue posting interesting topics whenever they get time.


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    We've had this topic up for discussion a couple of times and one of the members had mentioned that one cannot call it an addiction as an addiction implies a bad habit and working at ISC is a good one! It is nice to see that this fresh thread on the same theme has brought in more responses than earlier.

    I would like to give a short narrative of my own case - ISC is not merely an addiction. A good friend had once given me a very accurate and, I should say, a stunning revelation which brought out the fact that I seemed to be not addictive but obsessed by ISC. You see, I was checking out the forum even while at work and even after work at my evening job when I returned home, editing/responding like as though it was earth-shatteringly important. Once I acquired a smartphone a couple of years ago, it became even more of an obsession since then I did not have to switch on my laptop but simply check out via the phone. Trying to keep the phone off did not help as for some reason I used to gravitate towards it, switch it on and check out ISC. Then I decided to stop acting like an idiot and to take a firm grip on things. Once I got a new phone, I synced it with a new email ID. That way, I did not get any ISC-related alerts even if I did check it. Whenever I felt tempted to check ISC, instead I would click on the YouTube icon and watch movie trailers to keep my mind off ISC. If I got tempted, I would feel as though my friend was scowling at me over my shoulder so would keep my fingers off ISC. The temptation has crept in, I admit though, from time to time in recent months and I do check out the new posts, but keep it to a minimum of a few seconds only. Maybe I need someone to scold me again!!

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    Yes, obsession seems to be a better word in place of addiction in this particular case.
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