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    Teachers open the door but you must enter by yourself

    Teachers have an important role in our life. We learn from them in our classrooms and tutorial classes. They are the source of all the knowledge for us. Whenever we feel confused we go to seek their help and they help us to understand the things.

    Teacher is the first instructor of a child after his parents. The child finds that after his parents the only source of learning is the teacher. He looks to him with expectations and respect. He also feels that the teacher is the problem solver for him.

    When the child grows and starts thinking about his career and future then he realises that the role of teacher was limited to academic acquisition in him and now he has to take his own decisions when it comes to choose his educational stream and future career. So teacher has done his part by academically enriching him and also inculcating educational aspirations in him and now whatever else is required to be successful in life has to be chalked out by the individual himself.

    Now there is no point in looking back to the teacher for any help as one has to open the door of opportunities oneself and has to do the commensurate hard work and efforts to get success in life.

    What is your view on this?
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    Even the line of education is also to be thought and decided by the individual rather than depending on a teacher to suggest. We can consult parents, teachers and friends but finally, we have to take a decision on our own.
    In the life of an Individual, a teacher plays an important role. After our parents, our teacher will be an important person in our life. He will guide and mentor us to have a good life with morals and ethics. This definition of the teacher is given in our Puranas and those days people are mainly residing with the teacher and learning by doing service to him. But these days we will have different teachers during our education starting from 1st class to the end of our education. I don't know who will be the person on whom we can trust. A group of teachers teach us and guide us and give us an education in the line we have selected and now it is our turn to excel in our life by selecting a suitable path. But in our path to progress if we have some doubts or clarifications are required I feel we can look back our teachers for a suggestion.

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    It's correct. The path to choose may be shown to us by others, but we have to walk ourselves. The role of the teacher is always very important in one's life and we come across many teachers at different stages of life. In general, we use the term teacher for those persons who used to teach us in our school and college.

    Actually, we learn from everybody. It's not only the lessons that we studied in our childhood but many important things in our life. We can learn from others the way of speaking, the art of influencing, the ways to improve our concentration level and so on. After a certain age, we learn to make our own decisions and here the lessons we learned from our teachers play a very crucial role. We need to decide on our careers and different matters keeping in mind various aspects of life and the things we learned in our childhood. But if there is any confusion, teachers are always there to help us. Therefore, we must enter the door to see what's there inside and if there is any help required we can always consult our teachers to find out the solution.


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    Yes, the teachers show us the right direction towards success and then it's our job to choose that direction or not.
    I remember we used to worship our teachers in our days, unlike today when the things have changed and nowadays kids don't like their teachers that much and even the teacher too have become professional these days.
    I remember when I was in the 12th standard we had a chemistry teacher from whom we took tuition for organic chemistry, he insisted on to study physical chemistry from him for free of cost as no teacher will do these days. He wanted this because he wanted us to score well on exams but due to short of time, we denied. He was a real teacher who thought about our future without any greed.


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